Father Turns Career Criminal’s Day Into Hell After He Plots To Kidnap His Daughter

Updated November 14, 2017

When a group of kidnappers tried to steal his daughter away from him, a father from Florida used his firearm to stop them. Four teenagers were trying to wrangle up his 17-year-old daughter and take her to God knows where. But the angry father used his gun to thwart their evil intentions after the teens broke into his garage to steal his pride and joy. And now she is safe. Police arrived at the scene and started investigating. Before long they concluded that the father was a hero. The teens had targeted the man’s house because they thought he was wealthy. They planned to steal his belongings and then kidnap his teen daughter in a half-baked plot to secure a ransom.

Before the father turned to his weapon to silence these would-be kidnappers, he notified the police. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to the scene of the possible home invasion and armed robbery. It was around 10:30 pm on Tuesday at the father’s home in Baker.

When authorities arrived, the homeowner, 51, told the cops that his daughter saw people using barrels to block the road to their home. They were hoping that she would need to exit her car and walk the rest of the way back to her father’s house. And if she did, they’d snag her and hold her ransom, or worse.

But the 17-year-old girl drove around the barrels, thwarting the teens’ plans.

“A short time later her father heard his dogs barking and saw his front motion-activated floodlights come on,” the police statement continued. “He also heard what sounded like his car door closing and went to get his gun.”

The father saw teenagers trying to enter his garage forcibly. The man fired three warning shots. The gunfire sent the cowardly would-be kidnappers scurrying into the woods.

Upon closer inspection after the incident, the 51-year-old father noticed that some of the security features on the homes including the lights had been tampered with.

Neighbors saw the suspects lurking down the road in their 2016 white Jeep Liberty. The teenagers who attempted to kidnap the teenage girl were identified as Keilon Johnson, 19, Austin French, 17, Tyree Johnson, 16, and Kamauri Horn, 15.

The four suspects hail from Crestview and have been charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery. If convicted, they will face a sentencing that could put them behind bars for a very long time.

Fox News readers contributed some comments on this crime report:

“Imagine watching someone drive off with YOUR daughter, and you’re unarmed. NOW you know why I conceal and carry. Every day, everywhere.”

“We, here in the Florida panhandle, believe in AND WE USE our 2nd Amendment rights to the fullest!!!! If y’all don’t like it, STAY AWAY!!!!!!” wrote Molly Enasha.

“How much more proof is needed before gun control advocates finally realize that the gun control laws they want not only do not work but are counterproductive?”

What do you think about this story? Does it change the way you feel about gun control laws?