Firefighters Run Up $400 Tab At Dinner, Then They’re Told Their Money Is No Good Here

Updated July 13, 2017

Firefighters are expected to perform under all kinds of adverse conditions and respond to a myriad of emergencies, from traffic accidents to house fires, to search and rescue operations after natural disasters. And while police officers usually get all the glory, for at least one California woman, firefighters eat free. You are going to love this story about a woman who picks up the dinner tab for a hardworking crew.

It is summer in California, and that means one thing for sure: Forest fires.

Recently a team of about twenty five firefighters spent several days on the front lines of the La Cadena forest fire in Colton County.

When it came time for them to rotate out, they decided to stop at a nearby Denny’s to grab a meal. Their bill would have been about four hundred dollars, except that an anonymous woman decided to buy them dinner.

Their bill came out to four hundred and five dollars and change, and later she bought one hundred dollars in desserts for another crew.

The Colton Fire Department posted a picture of the receipt to their Facebook page, along with a caption that read:

“After all of the firefighters finished fighting the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills this evening, they were sent to Denny’s for dinner. While eating, an anonymous woman told the Denny’s staff that she wanted to buy all of the firefighter’s meals; there were about 25 firefighters in the restaurant at that time. This woman paid for the meal of all of the firefighters at Denny’s at that time, plus tip for a total of $405; she also paid $100 for dessert for all of the crews.

On behalf of all of the firefighters that worked on the La Cadena Fire from San Bernardino County Fire, Cal Fire, Redlands, Colton, Loma Linda, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, San Manuel, Montclair, Apple Valley, Chino Valley, Upland, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation, and Colton PD, we thank you for your generous show of support. We are all honored to serve the citizens of our communities.”

Since they posted the picture, it has received almost six thousand likes, and more than two hundred comments that said things like:

“I had this happen when I was with Newport fire ems , in new Hampshire, we were out all night chasing a string of suspicious fires , when we were finally back in service , I went to the country kitchen for breakfast, as I made my order , some gentleman told me my money was no good after the night we had , it felt good to be recognized by the very people we were paid to protect. ,,, I have since payed it forward”- Fran Chaisson

“GOD BLESS THAT WOMAN TOO!!! Some of us don’t have the means, we can only afford to put our own food on the table, but when we hear stories like these, we are SO VERY THANKFUL FOR OUR FIREFIGHTERS AND PEOPLE LIKE HER!! God bless them, AND HER!! Amen!!”- Martha DiGarcia

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