First Case In History Baffles Doctors, Removes 70 Of Them From Inside Her Legs

Updated November 8, 2017

A woman in India has gone to several doctors telling them that nails and needles push themselves out of her legs. She says that she has no idea how the sharp objects get into her legs.

35-year-old Anusuiya Devi from northern India in the village of Uttar Pradesh says that the sharp objects have been exiting her legs since 2012. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for her to sit, walk or stand. She has turned to doctors, begging them to help her to find some comfort.

Naturally, doctors feel that she puts the objects into her legs on her own, but Devi says that this is not true. She says that she has never once self-harmed. Her brother seems to back up this story. He says he has never known her to self-harm and the two have been living together for the last seven years.

Devi says that she just wants someone to help her. She says that her pain is constant and excruciating and she can no longer handle it. However, doctors were naturally completely baffled because this is a problem that they have never once seen before.

Devi says that the issue starts as small pimples on her legs. Over time, they get a little bigger. Eventually, the enlarged pimples burst and a nail or needle starts to push out of her skin. Her brother says that he is very stressed for her because he can see the agony that she is in. Of course, he also has no idea what he can do to help her

He says that the needles and nails come in three different kinds as they discharge from her body. He further stated that they cannot explain it and they just want some help.

None of the local doctors were able to help so Devi went to a district government hospital seeking assistance.

X-ray images left doctors in complete shock because they found 70 various iron needles in her lower legs. They could not find needles or nails located elsewhere in her body. The sharp objects seemed to only occur below the knees in each of her legs.

Doctors have stated that sharp objects like this cannot just develop in the human body on their own. This is what has professionals in such shock over what the imaging showed them.

Doctors still say that the patient must be self-harming because there is no other logical explanation for the nails and needles getting into her lower legs. They are evaluating her for mental illness because they feel she has to be forcefully inserting them.

Doctors certainly can see that the patient is suffering from this and they are determined to help her. They have no idea how she coped with this issue for the last five years. She is certainly a strong woman.

Other doctors are consulting and they are looking to find a way to make a diagnosis for her. The sharp objects have since been removed, but there is still a lot of work to be done on this case.