Fisherman Spots Crazy Event Happening Right Before His Eyes, Hits Record As Soon As He can

Updated June 16, 2017

While fishing the Colorado River near Bastrop, Texas, a group of friends noticed something amazing enough for them to put down their fishing rods and take out their smartphones. They even pulled their canoes and kayaks over to the shore so they could get a very close look on the strange phenomenon playing out right in front of them. What they saw boiled down was a predator eating its prey. But it was not a combination you witness every day. And these fishermen knew they had stumbled upon a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. So what was happening? A huge blotched water snake was trying to eat a huge catfish. See the evidence below!

Bruce Burns was the man who filmed the incident. In the clip, you can see the snake struggling to devour the catfish – and throughout the entanglement, the snake maintains its advantage.

Burns filmed the clip back in 2015 and since then it has been viewed more than 7 million times.

After Burns realized what was happening, he said, “That’s a catfish in his mouth. I don’t know why he thinks he is going to eat that but holy crap!”

The video was marked with a simple description that read: “We came across this blotched water snake trying to eat a catfish much larger than he could possibly swallow on the bank of the Colorado River near Bastrop, Texas.”

But the video speaks for itself. You need to watch it to believe it. And millions have had to do that just like you.

“the catfish should dive to the bottom and the water snake would eventually drown….either that or let go,” wrote Iwastherein1969.

“Ambitious snake…is there a lot of that species near you? Are they all that aggressive???”

In response, Bruce wrote, “They typically strive to avoid humans and will only try to bite you if you grab it.  If you’re bit by one, wash the area of the bite thoroughly with soap and clean water and you should be fine.”

Motarded421 had a differing opinion, “The blotched watersnake is very aggressive, even to humans. They will bite you if you get close enough but they’re not venomous. They also smell like skunks as well.”

Some people opted to find the humor in the life-and-death struggle between the catfish and the snake.

“Brave snake is risking his life trying to save that fish from drowning .. Respect”

“Notice the snake is pulling him deeper into the water, it’s the only valid conclusion one could take from this video. Catfish was stuck on shore dying because it was out of the water and the snake being the friendly creature it is decides to save it pulling it back into its natural environment.”

Richard Reyes can only think about food as he watches, “i will kill the snake and the fish and marinade them then BBQ them walla thats is soo GOOD.”

What do you think about this footage? Have you ever stumbled upon something like this unfolding in the wild?

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