Footage From Inside Military Base Hangar Is Quickly Going Viral. Someone’s In Big Trouble

Updated September 11, 2017

As you can imagine, a fire can be an expensive problem for the military. Because their equipment can cost millions of dollars, if it gets damaged then they have to take more money from taxpayers to replace it. To help prevent that kind of loss, the military is constantly working to find better and safer ways to protect their assets from fire damage. And now that their best minds have created a new fire suppressant foam, they were ready to test it. So they took a helicopter hangar that is designed to hold up to eight choppers and demonstrated how well the fire suppressant can work. As you’ll see in the shocking clip, in less than 6 minutes, the foam fills up the entire hangar, effectively putting the chance of a fire out before the fire department would have had enough time to arrive. Check it out now!

The Army decided to test the fire suppressant foam at the Fort Indiantown Gap Army Reserve in Annville, Pennsylvania. Because they have a brand new multi-million dollar helicopter complex with a hangar and training facility, they wanted to protect their investment.

With up to eight helicopters in a single hangar, the risk of fire is very high. That’s why the Army base was eager to test their new fire suppressant foam and see if the new system works properly.

They got more than they asked for. And the cleaning crew cannot be too happy about it.

Safety personnel who work at the Army base prepared for the full-scale safety test to make sure their emergency fire suppressant foam works. They stood on an elevated platform inside the hangar and set the test in motion.

Because this fire suppressant foam is new and unlike other similar things, they filmed it and shared it with the internet. And as you can see the entire helicopter hangar filled with white foam that would have stopped any fire from spreading.

Foam like this is used in places that have highly flammable liquid. And the foam simply smothers the fire so it cannot get any oxygen to fuel it. And with all the helicopter fuel coming in and out of the hangar, the military needs the foam to protect them from human error.

As the video demonstrates, the fire suppressant foam would work wonderfully if there was a fire.

But the foam also poses a risk to anyone who might still be in the hangar.

Last month, Auburn-Lewiston Municipal airport in Maine had a problem. Their fire suppressant system went off and filed the giant hangar with similar foam. But instead of just stopping the fire – they trapped four people inside.

Apparently, it was all a mistake. Fire Chief Geoff Low had a crew working on the system when it was set off by mistake. The foam splurged forth and trapped the people in a life-threatening situation.

Fortunately, the people trapped in the Maine airport hangar climbed up and found higher ground so the fast-moving foam did not suffocate them.