Footage Of Abused Rescue Dog Experiencing A Bed For The First Time Is Going Viral [video]

Updated April 19, 2017

Around here, we love dogs so much that we are always looking for great stories to share with you about our four legged friends.

We just found this fantastic video of a rescue dog that is getting to have a nice, soft bed for the very first time. Try not to shed tears of joy when you watch her in this heartwarming clip.

This dog, named Millie is currently living with a foster family who works with an organization called Pibbles and More Animal Rescue. They find dogs and cats that have been abandoned and place them with trained, loving foster families until the animal can find a forever home.

Millie is just one of the pups that Pibbles and More have saved from a life on the streets, or worse yet, being euthanized by a local animal control facility.

Millie sure looks happy in this video, and she is available for adoption now. If you would like to know more about Millie or any of the other animals that Pibbles and More are helping, you can visit their site at

Be sure to pay attention to the pit bulls and rottweilers. These amazing dogs have undeservedly bad reputations and are extremely hard to find homes for, even though they are among the friendliest, most loving dogs you could imagine.

If watching this video has warmed your heart and has you dreaming of owning your own dog, here are some helpful tips from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA about adopting your very own bundle of joy.

You should start by asking “which pet is right for you?” Your personality and lifestyle, along with challenges such as space restrictions and time spent at home, should be explored to determine what pet is right for your household. Research different breeds and ask shelter staffers for guidance—they’re experts at making perfect matches!

If you’re considering adopting a dog, make sure you keep some things in mind. If there are young children in your home, a puppy may not be your best bet. You may want to consider adopting a medium-sized dog over five months of age. It is a good idea to draw up a schedule of who in the family will help with the care of your new dog, including walking, playing, feeding and grooming. Don’t forget to have your new friend spayed or neutered.

If you do make the decision to adopt a dog, you will need to prepare your home for it, almost like baby proofing with a new child. Whether it’s tightly sealing your garbage cans or paying attention to dangerous decorations during the holidays, you’ll need to make your home safe before adopting. That includes keeping toxic foods, pet-unfriendly plants and dangerous household items out of paw’s reach. Put a cozy bed for your pet in every room. Pets are much more likely to keep off of furniture if they have attractive alternatives.Avoid vertical blinds, pooling drapery, ornate tassels and long cords that can become strangulation hazards. It may be a good idea to roll up and store decorative rugs until your new dog is fully house-trained. Use dog crates and gates to confine your new dog when home alone until his house manners earn him unsupervised freedom. Provide plenty of “legal” things for your dog to chew. If he has attractive toys and bones of his own, he’ll be much less likely to gnaw on your things! Check to make sure that plants in and around your home are not poisonous to pets.

Have you ever adopted a rescue dog or volunteered at a shelter? Share your stories and experiences with us here.