Footage Of Car Vanishing Out Of Thin Air From CCTV Camera Is Causing Pandemonium : AWM

Footage Of Car Vanishing Out Of Thin Air From CCTV Camera Is Causing Pandemonium

The world has many mysteries, which is one of the many reasons why we are kept on our toes. It’s an ongoing debate whether or not enigmas like Big Foot or the Lochness Monster really do exist. And then there is the whole argument over whether ghosts really do haunt us long after human lives are lost. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) and alien lifeforms have been a hot topic since 1947, and several sightings have been declared over the years.

There is no shortage of mysterious things happening in this world, and the fact that we have fast-moving technology at our fingertips, makes these things hit the surface at a much faster rate. Nowadays, everything is caught on camera and we have time to replay and assess images and occurrences, making us much more likely to come up with conclusions.

A recent mystery involves a very bizarre moment that was captured on a CCTV highway camera. The camera shows cars coming and going on the highway and everything appears to be business as usual, until suddenly, one of the cars just disappears. It’s as if the car just gets wiped out of the footage. It’s very sudden as if it just vanishes when it gets to a certain point along the highway. The footage made it’s way to social media rather quickly, as things do these days, and people have a lot to say about it.

Some accuse the footage of being edited, which is a good guess considering there is no logical way that a car could simply vanish like that. Unless of course, you believe in mysteries and time warps.

Critics say that even if the footage was edited, it was done in a way that is very believable and it’s quite impressive. If cars do actually have the potential to disappear like this, then surely other drivers would be in a world of shock, causing many more accidents as a rippling effect. Imagine driving along the highway and suddenly, the vehicle in front of you just disappears?  Yikes!

We aren’t sure what is scarier…a disappearing car or the presence of a ghost in your home.

Some thought that the video was downright creepy and others complimented the editing.

Commenters had a lot to say…

“WOW! When they invert it at the 1:03 – 1:06 mark you can see something coming down from high up in the treeline & it GETS IT! Makes it go BYE-BYE!”

And some shared their thoughts on people being teleported in their vehicles…

“Cool! I’ve heard a few testimonies of people being transported across the country in their cars where they would arrive at a destination hours before they would normally be able to drive there. They all claimed that everything else seemed normal, so no speeding scenery or noticeable changes in velocity.”

Strange if you watch closely you see something from the left going towards the car then it disappeared.”

Lucky for the driver, there was no news regarding a disappearing vehicle or person in the area.