Footage Of Toddler Trying To Fight Off Her Shadow Is The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Week

Updated May 15, 2017

As challenging as toddlers can be, they can also be boatloads of fun. The conversations that they have can be quite entertaining and their honesty and innocence make things all that much more fun to listen to. They don’t hold back from what they have to say and oftentimes, what they are saying and doing is something that they are experiencing for the first time. Take the first time a toddler sees his or her shadow. To us adults, a shadow is nothing magical and we are so used to the shadows that lurk behind us that we don’t really even notice them. But, imagine seeing a shadow follow you for the first time. If you really think about it, that can be a pretty exciting experience.

One toddler is causing several people to tune in and watch as she shows the world just how much fun it can be to see your own shadow.

In an adorable video, a little girl starts out by yelling, “Get off!” to the shadow that is following her around. She stamps her feet and shouts her demand over and over again. When her father tries to explain to her that it’s her shadow and it doesn’t get off of her, she continues to stomp around as if she is trying to shake it off. She moves her feet side to side but only ends up disappointed as the shadow doesn’t leave. She then gets down on all fours and kicks side to side as if she can simply get rid of her pesky little shadow.

When that doesn’t work, the adorable little blonde uses her hands and swats at the cement, trying to brush off  her shadow like it’s an annoying bug, as she says, “Go shadow go!”

The girl even executes some pretty acrobatic moves to try to rid herself of her shadow and she gets on her hands and raises a leg in the air like she is kicking the shadow off of her. You have to give the girl some credit, as she is relentless in her mission to free herself from that pesky shadow. If this is a preview of her personality, this little girl is going to fight for what she wants in life and she’s not going to let anyone push her around. Until then, she’s going to be battling with the shadow that creeps around her at all times.

While the father and daughter didn’t get very far on their walk, thanks to the distracting shadow, they did end up getting 10,000 views on the adorable video.

Commenters picked up on the fact that she is one determined little girl…

“The future Secretary of state or even President of the United States.”

“HOW CUTE!! I just love little kids and when they discover our world and the things in it that we take for granted it’s amazing!”

“This is a great opportunity to introduce shadow puppets. Turn that frustration into creation! So much more fun to watch.”