For 13 Years Friends Didn’t Believe Him, So He Cuts Into Drywall And Yanks It Out For Proof

Updated July 11, 2017

Every day at 7:50pm, a Pittsburgh family was plagued with the same torture. An alarm clock hidden behind their wall would go off. The relentless beeping occurred every day for thirteen years. And Sylvia and Jerry Lynn tried to ignore it and go to sleep. But it was just too much for them to handle and slowly drove them mad. Finally, after more than a decade, the family had enough of it and got it removed.

A local air conditioning company came in and removed the torturous alarm clock in a simple process. They were hitting themselves after realizing just how easy it would have been to get the clock out of there years before.

They always had an excuse not to remove the annoying alarm clock – although it blared violently every night at 7:50pm. In a way Jerry liked it because enduring it was like a badge of honor that he could share with visitors.

“It makes a great conversation piece, particularly with new people,” he told Inside Edition. “You’re sitting around playing bride and it goes off. Is that an alarm clock? Why is the alarm clock going off? It’s in the wall.”

The Pittsburgh family enjoys telling the strange origin story of the alarm clock.

It happened back in 2004 when Jerry was installing cable for his brand-new television. He wanted to find the perfect place to drill a hole in the wall so he tied his alarm clock to a string and slowly dropped it into the air duct.

He set the alarm clock so it would go off and alert him where to drill the hole in the wall. But then the string broke. It fell down the shaft all the way into the living room on the first floor.

Jerry decided to ignore it. He assumed the battery would die in a matter of months. But he was wrong. The clock continued to tick along and rings its relentless alarm every night at 7:50pm for thirteen years.

When the local air conditioning company removed it from the wall, they asked Jerry if he wanted to throw it away. Jerry could not part with the thing that had started so many great conversations. He took the alarm clock and made a space of honor for it on his mantle. And Sylvia and Jerry then agreed to leave the alarm set for 7:50pm so it could go off for the rest of their days.

As you can imagine, this strange story has caused a stir online. Here are a few comments shared on the viral video report from Inside Edition on YouTube:

“I would prob just smash that wall on the first day of beeping…”

“Imagine being so lazy that you leave an alarm clock ringing for 13 years.”

“It is not that they like the clock… after 13 years they have developed Stockholm Syndrome!!!”

Would you have been able to keep the clock in the wall for 13 years? Or would you have removed it sooner?

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