For Nearly A Decade, She Suffered From Unexplainable Pain. Then Doctors Finally Figure It Out. AWFUL

Updated January 25, 2016

For years, doctors couldn’t figure out why 11-year-old Savannah Fulkerson was suffering. Her symptoms simply did not make any sense.

While doctors were stupefied by what was happening to Savannah, her mother had an intuition that proved to be spot on.

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Ever since she was 4-years old, Savannah’s mysterious symptoms started. She would get inexplicable blisters and sores on her hands after spending just a little bit of time in the Los Angeles sun.

Doctors assumed she had a bad case of eczema.

But Savannah’s mother, Andrea Fulkerson had an intuition that the doctors were wrong.

If Savannah was exposed to the sun for as little as 20 minutes at a time, she would be reduced to “uncontrollable screaming like she got hit by a car,” then would “cry for hours on end.”

Andrea tried helping her daughter by putting her hands in bags of ice or drawing a cold bath – but nothing helped.

“It felt like lava was being poured on me,” Savannah tells reporters. “Like it burned from the inside out.”

When she was 9, doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles came to the correct diagnosis. She had erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) which means Savannah is allergic to the sun.

While there is no cure for this terrible affliction, Savannah at least knows that the sun is causing her terrible pain.

She now wears UV protective clothing, always puts sunblock on, and minimizes her time spent out doors.

“When I get older, it’s not going to change what I want to do,” Savannah declares, “it’s not going to tear me down, it’s going to build me up.”

Watch the video to learn more about Savannah and EPP.

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