For Years, Man Hones Cow Calling Talent. Now Watch How His Belch Makes Cows Fall In Line

Updated March 17, 2017

Every person on the planet is different. And while not everyone can be a great athlete or a star musician, I firmly believe that we all have strengths that when honed can be very powerful. But sometimes our natural talents are not socially acceptable. But when we push through those obstacles, we come out on the other side with something that is truly exceptional.

Take this man for instance. In the video, which captures his unique skill, you’ll see how he makes a herd of cows come to order by burping at them. The man, who is from The Netherlands, stands at a fence in the cow field. He holds his cellphone at arm’s length and then video tapes his attractive burp.

He shoves several gulps of air down into his stomach. Then he pushes it back up and out of his mouth in a long, loud belch that resembles a cow’s moo. And the cows, which are out a distance in the grassy field, instantly react to his call…

The man repeats the same thing. He gulps in air and then belches it out as loudly as his body will allow. At this point, if you watch closely, the cows have already started to walk closer to him. They have abandoned their grazing because they want to see the guy who is making the loud burping sound.

Eventually, the cows come within a few paces of the fence. As the man continues to do his strange cow call burp, they stop and look at him.

After realizing how well his trick works, the man utters “Oh my god” then continues burping. The cows take step after step toward him.

Because of his strange ability to call cows, the young Dutch man has become an internet sensation. The belching video was uploaded to YouTube under the title “The Belching Cow Whisperer” and has already been viewed tens of thousands of times.

The young man Yanagi, shared the following description when he uploaded the content, “I went back with my GoPro camera into the fields had to make sure it really works on every group of cows lol.And yes it actually works i can now say that for sure…Guess i am the burping cow whisperer that can make cows hump lol my parents must be proud”

Viewers on the YouTube video shared some comments that were almost as strange as the young man’s cow call.

“Those cows want to mate with you Yanagi! Maybe you will create a new species!!” wrote MegaAeduo.

Austin E. B thinks he knows why it works, “Maybe that’s the cow’s language.”

Smush Parker wants to learn how to do it too and asked the Dutchman if he “Could make a tutorial.”

Other people were impressed with the man’s burping ability. As sumikathare wrote, “Some top class burps right there!”

What do you think of his cow call? Would it work on a farm? Is he on to something?

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