Four Students Cause Outrage For What They Painted On Their Chest During Cancer Charity Game

Updated September 20, 2017

Four young and stupid boys from Westside High School in Anderson, South Carolina thought they would have some fun. As part of a group of ten young men who spelled out the letters of “Bump Cancer” on their chests, the P, A, E, and R all got together after the photo shoot to spell a much more offensive word. These four men lined up to spell out the word “Rape” and then threatened one of their male friends on Snapchat with it. The four men in the photo were posted in an image with a caption that read, “what we do” to our opponents. Because they were playing DW Daniel High School, the caption read, “What we do to Daniel.” They might have thought rape was funny, but social media did not take such a lenient stance. And these four punks are being punished.

After posting the image to Snapchat, the four students never thought that their teachers and school administrators would see their “rape” threat. Although the school has not expelled the four potential sexual offenders, they did say these boys were “punished.”

But are the four boys the only ones to blame? In the image a row of high school cheerleaders seem to be egging the “rape” boys on. They are standing behind them, posing. And they seem to even be laughing at the threat of sexual violence against the other school.

This kind of locker room talk is not what Donald Trump meant.

Most of the fellow students at the school were outraged that these four boys turned a Breast Cancer Awareness game into a threat of rape of the other school’s male students. Thousands have asked that these boys be expelled, but the school has failed to take a hard stance against these boys and rape culture in general.

Anderson County School District 5 is in charge of the offending high school. And they have not expelled these boys. Two are sophomores and two are seniors. They did claim that they “punished” these boys.

“These are good kids that made one bad decision, some of them didn’t even know how to get to the principal’s office,” school district superintendent Tom Wilson told WSPA.

The general public thinks Wilson and his school district are a joke. They couldn’t believe the school responded with nonchalance to this use of “rape.”

One victim of sexual assault said, “I’m glad Westside High School and Anderson County School District 5 think that rape is okay. They’ve chosen not to expel any of the boys who spelled “rape” with body paint at a football game and made a joke about it. What a disgrace of a school and of the employees on the school board.’

Parents labeled the boys’ actions ‘insensitive’ and said they likely had no idea how many people they were upsetting. It’s just shocking, just wow kids that young making fun of something that serious. You don’t really understand how many people could actually be hurt by getting raped whenever they were children or older, ex boyfriends you don’t really know who you are hurting by being so insensitive,” Misty Grogan said.

Another person wrote, “They tried to do something clever and funny but it just turned into something awful.”