From The Sounds Of It, You’d Think They’ve Been Married For Decades. What They Argue About? LOL!

Updated February 12, 2016

While a romantic love story might never mention any negative aspects of the relationship, old couples inevitable bicker. You see it at the grocery store, at a restaurant, anywhere you see a couple who’ve been together for years.

But when you see the video of these two toddlers bickering, you’ll just have to smile. It’s too cute!

Stuck inside as Jonas, the blizzard, pummels the Northeast, the little boy has cabin fever and simply wants to go outside and play.

But this toddler’s girlfriend had other plans. And she wasn’t afraid to let the little boy know who’s boss!

 “You’re not gonna go outside ’cause you don’t have a jacket!” she says.

How cute! The little girl doesn’t want her “man” to catch a cold.

The bickering continues. The girl paces around the room, puts her hands on her hips. This young couple must have had some good bickering role models growing up.

Then she draws a line, “You’re not gonna do that again!”

But the boy’s not having it. “I am, actually,” he retorts.

Watch the video for yourself now!

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