German Shepherd Spots Kitty In Trouble On Stairs, Now Watch His Fatherly Instincts Kick In

Updated November 17, 2016

When the black and white kitten wants to get up the stairs and go into a bedroom, he jumps up onto the carpeted stairway. But then, out of nowhere, Tennyson the German Shepherd corners the kitten and bares his teeth. Then he reaches forward and snags the kitten by the neck.

But although this move could look quite vicious, it is actually just how the large German shepherd plays with the adorable kitten. His newly-adopted sibling is just trying to get used to the home and Tennyson is welcoming him like a good bigger brother.

After biting the cat by the neck, watch what Tennyson does – it is truly adorable and quite unexpected…

At first Tennyson bares his teeth and puts them to the kitten’s neck. But that is only a sign of affection because the dog quickly starts nudging the kitten in loving bumps. And then a few seconds later, you can see the kitten lifting its tail in joy and crawling closer to its new big brother.

The video the cuts to a different scene. Tennyson is standing over the kitten, blocking it from view. The owner questions the German shepherd’s intention. But then the dog takes a few steps and waits.

He wants to let the tiny black-and-white kitten make it up the steps too. And watch the small animal jump up the steps in the most adorable way.

The owner can tell that Tennyson has an idea in his head. She says, “No let him do it himself.”

But the German shepherd it too impatient to wait for the kitten to make it all the way up the stairs by himself. He reaches over and bares his teeth, picking the little tyke up by the scruff of his neck. But he just can’t get it – the little kitten is a bit afraid of the dog’s large fangs and would much rather just make the climb by himself in his own time.

Then Tennyson opens his mouth and grabs onto the kitten’s head. With the small skull in his mouth, Tennyson quickly makes his way up the rest of the stairs gently carrying the kitten. The pet owner is conspicuously quiet as she watches the unexpected moment unfold.

After making it to the top of the stairs, the German shepherd turns around and then plops the kitten down near his paw. The little cat loved the gesture and nudges his cute face against the canine’s paw. Tennyson gives the kitten a loving bite to show his affection for the feline.

As you might guess, people all over the globe love this adorable clip. Here is a brief description of what happened from the content creator:

“The dog, named Tennyson, at first climbed a few stairs on his own, with the fluffy feline, known as Moo, following him Tennyson stepped in and grabbed onto Moo, carrying him up the stairs After dropping the youngster down, Tennyson appeared to nuzzle Moo”

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