Girl Goes To Blow Out Candles, When Family Sprays Her With Silly String. All Hell Breaks Loose

Updated September 13, 2017

Video footages shows how a family prank on a little girl quickly turned into a disaster. While the child, who was turning 11 years old, stood in front of her birthday cake, her family sang their rendition of “Happy Birthday” and covered her in silly string. Although this was supposed to be just a harmless and fun prank, it suddenly erupted in a terrible disaster. The silly string caught fire from the candles on the cake. And in an instant, the birthday girl was transformed into a screaming fireball.

The footage is thought to have been filmed in Argentina. The family members present the girl with a cake on her 11th birthday and then start singing “Happy Birthday” in Spanish. Meanwhile, they cover the girl in silly string. But when the string bursts into flames, the girl becomes a human fireball.

The cake was decorated with emojis and had the number 11 in candles. The cake was also dressed with two fireworks-like fountain candles – these were the near-deadly culprit that turned a silly prank into a birthday disaster.

Most of the silly string stuck onto the little girl. But one family member was not so accurate. Remnants of silly string came into contact with the cake and suddenly became a fuse that lead directly to the birthday girl. In an instant, she was converted into a burning ball of fire.

Because family members realize that their “Prank” had turned into a deadly disaster, the video cuts out as people rush to the birthday girl, trying to pat out the flames. The girl is in shock. And the younger children in the room start screaming.

The girl very likely could have suffered serious injuries. There is no more details coming from the party than what we have in the video.

This birthday tragedy is not a good way to celebrate a new year of life. And many Mail Online viewers had thoughts to share about the clip. Here were some of the best rated ones:

“Omg that’s so scary! Hope the girl is ok.”

“That’s a horrific video, I hope she’s ok. Seriously, using silly string with live candles is just plain silly. Never underrate candles.”

“A relative organizes kids parties silly string and balloons are banned Balloons ? yes in 3 months 4 kids needed hospital treatment after exploding .”

Some people called the video fake. Others thought it should not get such wide play on the internet.

“You really should not show a video of a child on fire. We are all desensitised to this kind of violence. Think about it, she’s 11. Would you like millions of people to watch your daughter burning? Are they entertained?”

One reader disagreed with the above statement, “This isn’t violence, get yourself a dictionary. Also I’m sure making people aware of this will help prevent similar events in future. We are only seeing this footage because the parents DID share it to raise awareness. Fool.”

What do you think about this footage? Did you now that silly string is highly flammable?