Gorillas Who Were Separated At Birth Are Finally Reunited. Video Of The Reunion Goes Viral Overnight

Updated July 11, 2017

Gorillas share 99 percent of human DNA. While although there are major differences between our species, gorillas and humans also share similar traits and characteristics. One of these is love and recognition for family. As you’ll see in the video below, two gorilla brothers were separated when they were young. And when they finally get brought back together after many years, they instantly recognize each other – just like two human brothers might after one returns from war in the Middle East. This video is emotional. It shows us that the animals around us also have feelings. And while humans certainly have differences from gorillas and other primates, we are not completely different. Check out this amazing video reunion below!

Brothers Kesho and Alf were separated three years ago. Both born at the Dublin Zoo and four years apart in age, Kesho was shipped off to the London Zoo to be used for breeding. Meanwhile, his younger brother Alf waited and waited and waited to see his beloved brother again.

Kesho was chosen because he was a mature silverback gorilla. The breeders at the London Zoo wanted his strong genes and threw their female gorillas at him so he could create more animals for the zookeepers to put on display for the tourists.

Eventually, both brothers were reunited. After a long time apart, they were both sent to Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. While the place is not a natural habitat, they are better off here than in their previous locations. At least they have their brother to keep them company.

But zookeepers had no idea how they would act once reunited. Many feared they’d rage and attack each other like two, super powerful professional wrestlers.

However, their worries and fears were baseless. Once they carefully reintroduced the pair, they resume their brotherly bond instantly.

In the clip below, you can watch Kesho and Alf playing and roughhousing with each other just like two human brothers might.

It’s wonderful to see these gorilla brothers pick up right where they left off – when the London Zoo swooped up Kesho and took him away for breeding. It’s like no time has passed for them.

Longleat is based in the United Kingdom and houses a gorilla colony. According to their website, “A spectacular lakeside retreat provides the perfect habitat for Longleat’s band of lowland gorillas. Overlooking Half Mile Lake, brothers Kesho, Evindi and Alf can usually be spotted roaming their enclosure. It’s filled with trees, logs and even a waterfall to mimic their natural African forest habitat.”

Longleat zookeeper Mark Tye recalls their reunion and shares it with the Daily Mail.

“They were touching each other through the cage that temporarily separated them. We put them together 24 hours later and it was like they had never been apart. They were very animated and there was a lot of rough and tumble on the floor, but not in an aggressive way. It is quite unusual to see that sort of childlike behavior in a silverback.”

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