Grab Some Tissues. Sisters Separated At Birth, Finally Reunite 43 Years Later [watch]

Updated May 15, 2017

It’s a family reunion story not like any other. Two sisters, abandoned at birth, finally met each other in an emotional reunion…43 years later.

One of the women, Donna Massie Wysong, decided to take a DNA test and was so glad she did.

Wysong knew nothing about her biological parents or if she had siblings. She was abandoned at birth and left on a sidewalk, wrapped in a dirty towel with yarn around her navel, in Norfolk, Virginia.

She told ABC7 News in 2016 about her story, noting: “I did question how someone could leave a baby that was just born on side of road in a dirty rag in the middle of winter.”

Her story came to light after she saw a news report about an abandoned baby in Montgomery County, writing on her Facebook page: “If no one wants her, I’ll keep her. That’s what happened to me.”

Wysong was adopted and her family never left her wanting to find her biological family.

Interestingly, after sharing her story, Angela Trammel, a genealogical investigator wrote to the news station and offered to help Wysong find her biological family at no charge.

Wysong was not interested. But nine months later, in November 2016, she agreed to take the necessary DNA test.

Consumer Investigator Kimberly Suiters hoped to do a 7 ON YOUR SIDE follow-up to the piece one year after Wysong’s initial interview, but she received a text from Wysong that said, “All we know is I’m half Irish. I don’t think it’s a story.”

Trammel was able to trace Wysong’s DNA and heritage to locate some relatives, including an aunt. And then told Wysong: “You have a sister. A full-blooded, biological sister. Eleven months younger; an Irish twin, so to speak.”

Interestingly, she noted that Wysong’s sister was also adopted after being abandoned. Trammel asked, “Do you want to talk to her?”

Her sister, Vanessa Smiley, was a bit worried about the situation, explaining: “I saw that this woman (Wysong) had hired a private investigator, and I didn’t know if she was going to show up at my house and I’ve got kids. I thought I’d better talk to her and tell her not to come.”

It turns out they made an instant connection, spending hours catching up on lost time over FaceTime, text, email, and Facebook.

Smiley said, “I’ve lost 43 years without you. I’m not going to lose one more day.”

Two weeks after meeting by phone, Smiley flew to Washington, D.C. to finally meet her sister in person for the first time.

When they finally reunited and hugged, Wysong said, “Hey Love Bug! Holy #$%*!”

“Love you,” Smiley said, adding, “Missed you.”

The women spent three days together, comparing their baby and school pictures, and catching up. Smiley called her big sister “the sweet one,” while Wysong said Smiley is “the brave one.”

Smiley noted, “I feel sorry for people who were abandoned in the past,” adding, “Because this NEVER would have happened without technology.”

They also discovered they have a full, biological, younger brother who was not adopted. The three later met and now the two sisters plan to move to the same city, Virginia Beach, to be near each other.