Grandma Down On Her Luck, Wins A Free Makeover. Has Transformation You Have To See To Believe

Updated August 10, 2017

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to look your best. Whether you are a new mom who doesn’t have time to keep up with the fashion-forward industry or you are a grandmother who has given up on looking good, everyone deserves to look their best.

One grandmother by the name of Mary was down on her luck. She had just gone through a year that was afflicted with loss of both family and friends. In particular, she was reeling over the loss of her mother. Luckily, Mary’s granddaughter had been her rock through everything and was by her side as she was feeling down.

Her granddaughter knew that Mary was suffering on the inside, but she thought that maybe she could do something for her that would make her feel better on the outside. This is when she decided to set up a meeting with stylist, Christopher Hopkins, also known as “The Makeover Guy.”

“She doesn’t think she’s pretty, and she is,” said Mary’s granddaughter. “I just want her to be able to see that in herself.”

You can witness Mary’s transformation in a video that has gone viral and will surely lift up your spirits.

You can tell that Mary is nervous and she doesn’t feel all too confident prior to the makeover. She admits that the past year has been really stressful with deaths and changes in life. Having lost several friend from church, her mother and a friend who is currently in hospice, the pain was evident on Mary’s face.

And then she meets Christopher Hopkins and that all changes. The video fast forwards to Mary’s “after appearance,” where she is flaunting an angled bob that is a strawberry blond color and just wavy enough to look put together yet free-spirited. The look certainly lightens up her appearance and seems to fit her personality a little bit better than the long gray and white frizzy mane that she had prior to the makeover.

When Mary’s granddaughter is reunited with her after the makeover she is ecstatic. She admits that her grandmother now looks “Bubby,” which is very different from how she looked before. She looks like a weight was removed from her shoulders.

“I walked into the salon not feeling very attractive, and walked out feeling pampered and pretty,” Mary said. “Feeling pretty in the morning, right after I wake up, no makeup . . . that is a miracle!”

It really is amazing how much a difference the right look can make you feel. All you need is the right colors and the right cut and you can have an entirely different appearance. If we all had a personal stylist we’d probably walk out of the house every day feeling like a million bucks. Until then, we have to figure out what fits out face and physique and go from there. It really can make a huge difference.

After watching this video, you can’t help but cheer on Mary. She is one lucky grandmother to have a granddaughter who looks out for her.