Grandma Has Slept In Dirty Train Station For The Past 7 Years, Her Story is Finally Being Told

Updated April 19, 2017

During the year Vera turned seventy, she and her daughter Valentina have been endlessly searching for a place to sleep. That was seven years ago. And since they have failed to find anywhere they could call home, the homeless mother and daughter duo have been forced to spend countless nights on the dingy ground of train stations.

While they camp out in public looking for shelter, Vera and Valentina beg for food and money to improve their lot in life. As you can guess, few people offer a shred of kindness to the down on their luck granny and daughter.

But the reason why Vera and Valentina have been homeless for seven years will break your heart. Their house burned down and they lost everything they had…

Because Vera is an elderly woman, Valentina has petitioned the government for shelter. But the government has failed to acknowledge their plight and would just rather they go away and stop bothering them.

And if the burning of their house was not enough of a problem, after it happened, Vera’s family abandoned her in her most desperate time of need. While Vera does have another daughter, they have not been able to stay with her. Because the other daughter, Lyuba, has a husband, the man refuses to share a roof with Valentina. They also have three children in their tiny home and hardly any room for Vera and Valentina.

While the true reason they refuse to house Vera and Valentina is unclear, but he does not allow her in the house. Because Vera doesn’t want to abandon her daughter to the elements and burden of homelessness, she stays with her in the train stations and the city streets.

To make matters worse, Lyuba and her husband do not get along with Valentina. They think she is lazy because she has never worked and wants to simply leech off them and live for free (I think we all know at least one person like that).

Vera has defended Valentina’s constant unemployment. She claims her daughter can’t hold a job because she is looking for government relief and a handout apartment.

Most outsiders think that Vera should let Valentina fend for herself and accept Lyuba’s invitation to live in her home with her family. Not only could she help with the children, she could have a reliable roof over her head. Either that, or she should seek out shelter at a nursing home.

Either way, to think that a 77-year-old grandmother is spending her nights in a frigid, dirty train station is unthinkable. Someone needs to give this elderly woman some assistance and help. Her able-bodied daughter is another story though.

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“This is such a heartwrenching story. The other daughter should tell her husband to suck it up buttercup, my Mom & sister will not be homeless & Take them in,” wrote Denise Bodle.

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