Grandma Jokingly Hands Lunch Bill To Her Granddaughter, Reaction Has Us In Stitches

Updated November 20, 2017

Kids these days often feel entitled to anything and everything. They don’t think they have to work hard for things in life and instead believe that they’re just supposed to get them. In my neighborhood, I live surrounded by college students who offer no respect for property or other people. Instead, they are happy to damage whatever is around them because they know their parents will just throw money at the problem to make it go away. And this type of behavior makes the people of the upcoming generation believe that the world is their playground. Thankfully a two year old was given a dose of reality when her grandparents playfully ask her to pay the bill for a drink she ordered in an American restaurant. Watch how this cheeky little girl responds to her first experience of responsibility.

This little girl, 2-year-old Brooklyn, was out for a meal with her grandparents when the last thing in the world she expected to happen happened. Her grandparents took the toddler out to eat at a Mexican restaurant in South Carolina. But when the time comes for the bill to be paid, 46-year-old grandpa Alan Ray looks at the toddler and asks her to pay the bill.

Little Brooklyn is shocked. She can’t believe that her grandfather is not taking responsibility and paying the check. And when he asks her to pay, her face brightens and she exclaims, “No money!”

She then slides the bill over to her grandpa. She certainly picked up this trick from her parents.

The video starts with Brooklyn being all excited about the expensive drink she ordered at the Yucatan Mexican Restaurant in Sumter, South Carolina. But things get fishy when the server brings the drink and the $35 bill to go along with it.

When grandpa tells her that she has to pay the outlandish bill for the flowery drink, the toddler sulks. And then she squirms in her chair trying to get away from the responsibility of paying.

Grandpa Alan then says, “You got the bill. Are you paying for it?”

Brooklyn certainly doesn’t want to pay. She wants to get all the money. And she doesn’t look happy that she might have to be “doing dishes” to pay for the drink.

Then the girl’s grandmother, 38-year-old Maxine, decides to let the baby off the hook. She slides the bill over to the ruthless grandfather and says, “Here you go Pap-pap. You pay the money.”

Then Brooklyn wizens up and says, “No money!” Her face brightens and she smiles again. She realizes that this is the phrase she has to remember when she’s out with her grandparents. They will never say no to her.

Mail Online readers had some things to say about this clip:

“I’m 33 and still have the same reaction when the bill is put in front of me.”

“Cute. Now that I’m in my 50s, I can’t help but be surprised when I hear about people becoming grandparents in their mid 30s.”

“sorry but, it went on far too long, were they blind to how upset the child was getting, or is this how some get their kicks ?”