Grandpa Is Overjoyed To Meet His New Granddaughter, Finds Out At The Hospital It Was A Lie

Updated August 29, 2017

For decades, Landry James has been the only male in the family. It is something he has gotten used to. He’s become an expert at putting up his guard to all the estrogen in the household. He’s the guy everyone turns to when they need something and he’s proud to do that service for the lovely ladies in his life. With two sisters, four daughters of his own and two more granddaughters, Landry has needed to provide enough testosterone to keep the household from imploding. Being surrounded by all these women has taught him a lot about the opposite sex – and he loves them more for it. He has needed to learn humility, patience and the willingness to not always be right (because with that many women around he probably never won an argument in all his days). But being the only guy around was a bit lonely. But now that his daughter is pregnant, he hopes once and for all that will change.

Ever since the day Carie Elbe his daughter told him she was pregnant, he was hoping for the baby to be a boy. But she didn’t tell him either way planning to keep it a big secret until the child was born. That’s because she wanted Landry to be so surprised.

But he refused to let her not tell him. He pushed and pushed and demanded to know the baby’s sex.

That’s when Carie came up with a plan. She would tell her father that the baby was a girl. It was a boy, but she wanted him to really be surprised on the day of delivery.

The weeks went by and soon enough, Carie was nearing her delivery date. Then it happened – she went into labor! Everyone in her family was eager to find out the sex of the baby.

But no one was as excited, nervous, and on edge as Landry himself. Although his daughter lied to him and told him it was a girl, he was overjoyed.

Nothing could have prepared Landry for the surprise waiting him in the maternity ward. When he went in to see his daughter and meet his new grandbaby, he couldn’t contain his manly emotions. The tears flowed from his eyes as the realization that his daughter had been lying to him for month sank in.

Now Landry is not the only man in the family. He has a little boy to show the ropes to and introduce him to the world. Maybe the little boy will also be fortunate enough to be surrounded by women like grandpa was.

While the baby being a boy was blessing enough for Landry, there was so much more goodness in the day. The baby boy was born on grandpa’s birthday and mom named him after Landry. They now share a name and a birthday. They’re bound to be best friends as they were meant to be.

Watch the video below to see Landry’s reaction. It is epic.

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