Group Of Bikers Drive Over 2,500 Miles To Deliver Ashes Of Fallen Marine To His Mother

Updated August 24, 2016

Although bikers get a bad rap, they’re more often than not a very kind and generous group of people. Take for example, the nonprofit group BACA or Bikers Against Child Abuse. These “tough” guys and gals stand by the sides of abused children in order to support them when they feel vulnerable and threatened. It’s a service that you can’t help but love.

But another group of Harley-Davidson riding thugs started their own non-profit group. It, like BACA, has proved that biker stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. The organization, called Patriot Guard Riders support veterans across the country. So when they heard that the remains of a fallen Marine and motorcycle enthusiast would be sent in via FedEx to his mother, they knew they needed to intervene…

The Patriot Guard Riders learned that Marine Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner died in California from combat related injuries. After receiving a proper funeral, Turner was cremated. That’s when the Patriot Guard Riders heard that his remains were going to be sent through the mail to his mother back in Georgia.

They could not let this blatant disrespect happen to a Marine. So the bikers offered to escort the fallen soldier’s ashes all the way from California to Georgia in order to properly reunite them with the man’s mother.

The nonprofit group put on a nationwide motorcycle escort that transported the Marine’s ashes back to his childhood home.

The act of generosity captured the heart of the nation and was featured on various news reports as the bikers passed through state after state.

Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders Capt. David Noble spoke to News on 6. He said: “We did this primarily because his mother was unable to attend the services, and he had been cremated and we didn’t want him to go home in a Fed Ex box.”

Riders met at the borders of each state and handed off the Marine’s remains in an honorable cross country relay of sorts.

In total, Turner’s remains passed through seven states. And at every border, a group of Patriot Guard Riders stood waiting with their motorcycles at the ready in order to keep their mission alive and moving.

Eventually, the remains were reunited with the Marine’s mother in Georgia. She was overwhelmed by the bikers’ display of respect.

Staff Sargent Jonathan Turner served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marine Corps.

In the video below, watch what happens when the Arkansas riders return Turner’s remains to the welcoming party in Georgia.

Here’s what family friend Michele Mitchell had to say about the act of kindness and Jonathan Turner:

“you are very well missed. me and my husband use to work with him a long time ago before he went off to the military and my husband and his brother’s went to school with him. you were like a big brother to me. luv you in my heart always. REST IN HEAVEN.”

What do you think about the Patriot Guard Riders? Should they receive more support?

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