Group Of Racers Hear Terrifying Noise, Turn Around To Strangest Scene They’ve Ever Seen

Updated November 22, 2016

While Justin DeLuzio ran his last race before he would graduate from Gwynedd Mercy University in Pennsylvania, he was entering an open field when he experienced the surprise of his life.

During the race, the young college cross-country runner was bombarded by a herd of four deer as they bolted out of nowhere and collided into him, sending him flying.

One person was taking video footage of the runners as DeLuzio is knocked to the ground by the sprinting deer. Check out the amazing clip below and see the impossible with your own eyes!

The race on Saturday was to be DeLuzio’s final one before he graduated from college. He competed for the Gwynedd Mercy University team and never expected four four-legged animals to knock him out of the running – literally.

The unlikely occurrence happened at the NCAA Division III Mideast Regional Cross Country Championships at DeSales University in Center Valley. It seems the four deer wanted to get involved in the sport, so they ran as fast as they could to join in.

One spectator was filming the runners when they happened to capture the moment when the four deer knocked DeLuzio to the ground, taking his legs out from under him.

The young man was launched into the air and fell down on his back after the deer collided into him. His teammate Matt French stopped to help him to his feet. Then he ran along side him for the remainder of the race despite losing his more advanced position.

You can hear someone shouting “Watch out for the deer!” just moments before DeLuzio is knocked to the ground.

The four deer battered DeLuzio. He was left with a bruised hip, but he claimed that he was lucky and it could have ended much worse for him.

“I turn my head a little bit to the left and he comes right there. He knocked me down pretty good.” DeLuzio told NBC10.  “I was fortunate. I know if that deer was a little bit bigger I could have been in serious trauma.”

Head coach Kevin Clark was impressed by the display of sportsmanship his team offered when French gave his hand to his fallen teammate.

Clark told the Gwynedd Mercy athletics site: “Armani Rivera also paced with the duo and ran with those guys for a little while before continuing to finish the race. “All three of these guys could have run significantly faster if this did not happen, but made sure their guy was fine.

“Justin is doing OK, he’s just a little sore and bruised up. We were worried about his health for a while but we’re proud to see him fight through this along with his teammates, get up and finish his last collegiate cross country race.”

Since the video footage has gone viral on social media and YouTube, dozens of people have left witty replies and comments, including:

“One thing we have all learned from the video is that deer’s are rugby players.”

“this is gonna go viral before he even begins to feel sore!”

“Guys. I don’t think he watched out for the deer.”

“DEER LIVES MATTER.  im hungry”

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