Guard Ignores Boy Asking Question, Now Pay Attention Closely To His Left Hand [video]

Updated November 28, 2016

Some military personnel are not allowed to talk or break their stance for any reason. This is especially true when they’re guarding something, like at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You’ve probably also seen the British guards with the big black poufy hats – one video shows how they will charge right into oblivious tourists if they’re not paying attention.

But recently, a video commercial released about 20 years ago has started being the talk of the town again. In it, a United States Marine Corps service man is standing in duty when a little boy comes up to him to ask questions.

The video was part of a 1997 titled “Toys for Tots — Guard Duty.” With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is our chance to spread the joy and cheers. And Toys for Tots is one of the best organization doing that for many children year after year.

Check out the heartwarming ad included for your viewing pleasure below!

The video starts from the perspective of the little b oy. With the camera nearly at the floor, you can see the little boy looking up to the much-taller and extremely intimidating Marine Corps guard.

But the boys simply asks, “Excuse me? Excuse me? Are you Santa Claus?”

With that adorable question, things start to take an interesting turn. You’d think the guard would smile at such a naïve question. But this guard keeps his composure and does not utter a single word.

The boy continues to ask the guard if he is Santa Claus. Then he says, “If you are him, here is my list.” Then the little boy hands the Marine a small piece of paper with the gifts he wants for the holiday.

Then the voice over states: “Help the Marines make Christmas possible for less fortunate children. Donate a new toy to Toys for Tots.”

As if by some Christmas miracle, the guard opens up the palm of his left hand and accepts the boy’s Christmas wish list. Although he betrays no emotion on his face, the boy gasps in awe at having met a real-life superhero, or Santa Claus as he was calling him.

Since this heartwarming ad came back on the scene, more than 2.6 million people have tuned in to watch in on YouTube. Here are some of the most popular responses to it.

“I remember this commercial, they should run it again.”

“One of the few Christmas commercials I actually like”

“That was awesome, I did a Toys for Tots run at 29 and was so much fun. So many toys were donated it was crazy.”

“damn that just made this old man tear up alittle. Semper Fi brothers and sisters.”

“OORAH, my brother. that commercial gets this old retired 3531 every time, too. Semper Fi, Marine.”

“This is one of my favorite Marine  commercial,  full of Christmas sprit. but it would be better and more realistic if the little boy was not alone when he took courage to talk to the Marine.”

“That put a HUGE smile on my face to see him move out of attention to grab his note! :)”

What do you think about this Christmas commercial?

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