Guy Accidentally Implicates Himself On Vile Charges, Trying To Prove Innocence For Minor Crime

Updated September 12, 2017

A Chatham, Virginia man was found guilty of felony bestiality, forcing his ex-girlfriend to have sex with a dog.

Arthur Anderson Warren, 59, faces five years in jail for his crime against the animal. In court, Warren couldn’t even watch the video he recorded, in which he is heard telling his ex-girlfriend to “shut up and do it.”

According to a report from the Danville Register and Bee, Judge Stacey Moreau said that Warren “participated on his own admission and per witnesses’ testimony.”

When Warren was accused of trespassing on ex-girlfriend Kelly Hardy’s property in March, he had told police about the videos in hopes of lessening the trespassing charge.

Hardy’s felony bestiality charge was reduced to misdemeanor cruelty to animals as part of a plea deal. According to a report from the Chatham Star-Tribune, when Deputy Adam Reynolds of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office spoke with Warren in March, the man “asked whether or not having sex with animals was legal.”

Warren wanted the deputy to watch the video of Hardy and the dog on his cell phone, noting that he wasn’t personally involved. The videos, however, included Warren’s voice instructing Hardy what to do and to shut up.

Hardy had testified earlier that she had ended their relationship, but that he showed up at her home, got a hammer and began tearing down things, as she explained, “He said he was going to tear up everything he had helped plant in the ground and everything he had nailed together. At the time, Judge George A. Jones Jr. found Warren guilty of misdemeanor property destruction and trespassing and fined him $100 on each charge, with a 30-day suspended jail sentence and he was also ordered not to make contact with Hardy.

Warren had also claimed that Hardy attacked him in 2016, saying, “She beat the crap out of me,” but didn’t press charges until a year later. As for the reason for her assault, he said, “She’s a very scorned woman.”

During the defense attorney’s closing statement in the bestiality case, Glenn Berger noted: “This is a difficult case in many respects. To deal with private sexual acts is distasteful for all who watched,” adding, “We all learned in the sixth grade you don’t kiss and tell.”

People weighing in in the comments section of a Facebook post about the story were understandably appalled, with comments such as: “sicko,” “disgusting,” and “what in the world…just nasty.”

Another person noted: “Lmao what a dumbass, he spilled the beans about his bestiality videos in an attempt to get out of a measly trespassing charge.”

Still another person knew the woman involved, saying: “the female was an old supervisor of mine and he was very abusive to her. She would come in with bruises all over her arms and lots of makeup. Very bad relationship altogether.”

Another commenter added: “I hope he gets the maximum penalty. He is a stalker, amongst other things. He shouldn’t be allowed in public.” When someone asked if she knew the man, she added: “Yes, he was a truck driver at my former job.”