Guy Begs His Friends To Help. So They Hold Him Down, Grab Tweezers, And Yank It Out From His Ear

Updated July 12, 2017

I don’t know about you, but one of my worst fears is getting a bug stuck in my ear canal. Whether it is an ant, a cockroach or a moth, I just don’t want anything crawling around inside my head like that. Just the thought freaks me out, I can’t imagine how I’d be squirming if the real thing was going on to me. But if it did happen, I’d immediately seek the help of those around me. I’d be in a panic and basically begging someone for help. And as you’ll witness in the viral YouTube video below, one man needed to turn to his friend for the help he needed to remove a moth that got stuck in his ear.

In the video below, a man named Mikey is seen lying on the floor, sweating, as his friend prepares to remove the invader from his ear canal. The moth had flown into his ear but had never bothered coming out.

Perhaps, the flying insect was stuck and couldn’t back track. Or maybe it just liked the warm cavern of Mikey’s ear.

Either way, Mickey is out of his mind with pain and fear.

“This s*** is f***ed up, dude!” Mikey shouts during the filming of the clip.

Mikey describes the unbearable “fluttering in his head” and needs the friend to help remove it before it drives him insane. And I wouldn’t doubt that something like this could drive a man to his wit’s end.

The friend obliges Mikey. He finds a pair of tweezers and then carefully lowers them into the man’s ear. He grabs onto something and then slowly pulls it out. And what emerges is a giant moth that no one thought could fit inside Mikey’s ear.

While Mikey lets out a sigh of relief, his friends scream when they realize the monster that was hiding out in their buddy’s ear canal. It’s freaky to think this is the size of a critter that can crawl inside someone’s head and torture them from the inside.

Unfortunately for Mikey, the giant moth was not the only thing living in his ear. While searching for the flying insect, they also found a tick sucking blood from the poor fellow’s ear. This guy had a bad bout of luck concerning the freedom of his ear.

The video which shows the moth extraction has gone viral millions of times over. The description of the clip states: “This huge friggin’ guy had a bug fly in his ear. We thought it was a little white moth, but what came out is unbelievable. CAUTION: Prepare for the heebie jeebies.”

As a result, thousands of others shared their impression of the video in the comments on YouTube. Check out the video below for yourself and as the description states in so man words, prepare to be shocked and disturbed.

What do you think about this sickening moment? Are you surprised to see that this guy got a moth stuck in his ear?

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