Guy Bites Into Hamburger From Restaurant, Realizes Something Is Very Wrong

Updated September 28, 2017

Imagine being hungry and your delicious burger arrives in front of you, but when you bite into the mouthwatering treat, you crunch down on a piece of plastic. This is exactly the situation a man found himself in recently when he bit into his burger and expected to find a juicy tomato instead.

When you hear about the horrors that happen at fast food restaurants, you often read about folks having their food spit in or the workers not washing their hands after using the restroom. Of course, these are horrible, but customers are usually none the wiser to these situations. But, a post of Reddit proves that not all of the fast food follies in the world go unnoticed. He posted a photo of his burger and the tomato was replaced with the lid to a plastic ramekin cup or a disposable coffee cup.

Surely, this was not a purposeful act on the part of the employees. When you look at the picture that the man posted, the lid actually looks very similar to a tomato since there appears to be ketchup beneath it giving it that red tomato color. Of course, it is also round and about the size of a tomato. Workers generally move very quickly when they are putting together fast food orders, so one worker probably accidentally grabbed this plastic lid after it landed in the tomato bin and put it on the burger thinking it was a slice of fresh tomato.

The faux tomato was discovered when the man bit into his burger and something just felt off. He removed the top bun to inspect what could be causing his burger to be abnormal and this is when he discovered that his tomato was actually a clear plastic lid that was doused in ketchup.

Since this is the age of social media, naturally, his first reaction was to take a photo of the burger and put it on the internet for the world to see. It did not take long for the photo to go viral and people were sharing it all over the world. It recorded more than 2,000 upvotes in a short period of time, amassing a major following and it was shared across all of the major social media networks.

Many people who saw the post took it in a light way and made some jokes about how someone else must have gotten a to-go coffee with a tomato for a lid. There were some other zingers too from witty people across the globe who could not help turning an odd situation into one that could entertain the masses.

It is not known exactly how the mistake was made. Of course, there are some people out there who are skeptical and think that this might be a hoax done by someone who simply wanted their post to go viral. The original poster never did disclose which restaurant this happened at.

Have you ever eaten somewhere and found something in your food that wasn’t supposed to be there?