Guy Bites Into Snack From Football Game, Nearly Breaks Tooth; Spots Unsightly Object

Updated October 19, 2017

There is nothing worse than paying for food and getting something that looks like it was puked up from the day before. It’s even worse when you purchase what is supposed to be a well-known edible item and it ends up disappointing you to the max.

It’s now more important than ever to be cautious as a food distributor when it comes to what you place in a paying customer’s hand because if the food isn’t up to par it can quickly find its way onto social media.

When Gavin Richardson was at a Wolverhampton Wanderers’ football game, he ordered one of their famous half-time pies, which has been the snack of choice for famished football fans for over a century.

What Richardson didn’t expect was the large, green lump that was in the middle of the pastry. After digging into the pie and noticing the solid center, he took a photo and sent it to his pal, Stevie Green, from London. Green took it upon himself to post the stomach-churning photos on Twitter, alongside the following caption:

“My mate bought a pie at the Wolves game. Look at the state of it.”

As soon as Twitter users saw the photo they asked several questions about what appeared to be a foreign object. The only explanation that Stevie could offer was that the green, solid center was mushy peas from a tea, which had retained their shape.

The comments came in fast and furious…

“That Wolves pie has got to be a puke-inducing health hazard hasn’t it? Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Must have been a PUKa pie. This has me reduced to tears.”

“Aaauuughhh! Disgusting. And I’ve eaten – with relish – dodgy pies the length and breadth of the land over past decades of away specials.”

While Stevie was busy communicating with concerned pie-eaters, other Wolves fans suggested that he was tryng to get back at their club after Villa’s recent defeat.

Some of the comments associated with the payback suggestion were…

“I think that’s a big lump of sour grapes.”

“It’s not a Villa fan who is green with envy is it. I think you need to worry about the state of your midfield rather than our pies.”

Sheffield United has a long history of pie-eating and there is even a legendary chant that says “Who at all the pies?” which was first sung in 1894. It was directed at the club’s goalkeeper William “Fatty” Foulke, who weighed 140kg.

According the recent research, the most expensive pies in the English Premier League, are in Chelsea and they cost a whopping 4.80 pounds. Burnley, on the other hand, had the cheapest, coming in at 3 pounds.

Whether the mystery pie is a rumor or not, there is proof in the picture and what can be seen is a pie that is not so edible looking.

This just goes to show you how important it is to serve up fresh and accurate ingredients if you want to maintain a glowing reputation in the food industry.