Guy Brings Disabled Dog To The Park Everyday In A Stroller So He Can Feel The Grass

Updated November 6, 2017

While taking a jog through Discovery Green Park in Houston, Texas, Doug Delony, a producer with, noticed something out of the ordinary. During the day back in May 2016, he saw a man doing something strange with an old dog. While he knew that it was an extraordinary occurrence, he didn’t realize that the image would go on to inspire thousands of people across the internet. And not only did Doug’s image encourage people, but it also worked to unite strangers across the globe and not just in Texas or America.

In the image, you’ll see a man kneeling down to an elderly dog. Next to him is an empty baby stroller. As you can imagine, this man was not carting around a child. He was using the stroller so his old dog could still get outside and enjoy the beautiful Houston park.

The man had no idea that Doug was snapping a candid shot of him. And Doug had no idea that his simple image would go on to become a viral sensation. But when he turned to Facebook to share the picture, Doug wrote:

“Most afternoons, I take a run through Discovery Green, and most afternoons I see this guy with a stroller but no baby. He brings this beautiful. What appears to be. Disabled pup to the park. He lets it sit in the grass and take in the smell and the sound. Here he is giving it water out of a small cup he brings with him.”

Readers begged Doug for more information on the dog. And being a producer, he knew that he had to appease his readers. So he went out and started investigating.

Doug learned that the dog was named Maximilian or Max for short. The dog was 16 years old at the time of the photo. And he had been with Edie and her husband, Troy, ever since he was a puppy.

Because he was so old at this point, Max had gone blind in one eye. He suffered from debilitating arthritis and was unable to walk like he used to.

But Max was still loved. That’s why Edie and Troy took him to the park in an old baby stroller. As soon as they rolled the stroller onto the park’s beautiful green grass, they watched Max “come alive” and the puppy within him was revitalized from the refreshing scents and scenery.

“I don’t think you should just turn your back on someone just because they’re elderly,” Edie told KHOU. “I think they deserve our love and our care and our attention. And there is so much we can learn from them even as they get older.”

Sadly, Max passed away about a year after the image was taken. He died in June 2017. But he managed to leave a legacy behind that won’t soon be forgotten. Thankfully, Doug took a moment to snap the picture and to learn more about Max and his dedicated family.

What does this image of the old dog make you feel?