Guy Claims There’s A Ghost In His House, So He Films It. Now He’s The Laughing Stock Of The Internet

Updated August 18, 2017

When it comes to ghouls, ghosts and spirits, American seem to be divided. While most people won’t admit that they believe in ghosts, when something goes bump in the night, they often suspect the supernatural. It’s not unreasonable when you think about it. When people don’t understand something, they often invent a way to explain it, no matter how strange or unlikely their “theory” might seem to an outsider. But in the video below, you’ll see what happens when a homeowner, who suspected his house was haunted, found when he set up a camera in the night. The truth of the footage is a lot more shocking than you’d probably suspect. Check it out now and learn more below!

The shocking home footage was uploaded by YouTube user KaelinSpeaks. After capturing the shocking clip on home video, the homeowner uploaded it to YouTube with the following description:

“So I wanted to drop a skit but something paranormal happened in my house last week, and I’m not talking about a little shadow. In the morning when my family was either out or sleeping a garbage bin in one of the rooms of my house got thrown out at my dog and we CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA… this is completely real!!!! no prank so watch and tell me what you think in the comments”

The clip was filmed back in 2013. At the start, the video uploaded explains what is happening. Then about 30 seconds into the clip, you see the scene in the home. Kaelin moves the mouse around to show what is going to happen. Then he plays the video.

What you see is shocking. The dog sprints out of the kitchen, nearly slamming into the wall, in an effort to escape some invisible enemy. Then a plastic bag floats right after the dog as if the unseen spirit sent it forth with its psychic abilities.

The clip is called “real ghost footage” and many people agree that it appears to be. Others don’t think so. It has been the source of much debate online.

At the time of this writing 4.7 million people have watched the footage. And the comments certain did come rolling in. Here were some of the most popular ones:

“Well I agree with you, there is no way your dog created a draft, or kicked the bin out of the office. She is definitely high tailing out of fear, not surprise. I think the word you might better describe the “rolling” is actually rocking. Over all, very compelling and definitely way up on the creep factor!  Good catch. I’m wondering, it’s been a couple years, anything new? Does your family still reside in that home? BTW, nice home!”

Later KaelinSpeaks shared a ghostly update:

“Little update for all my new viewers and old ones following up. In October of last year we went on a trip. My Sister was home alone for 3 days joining us later. Her and My cousin were doing like native chants on snapchat as a joke and as soon as it was done heard o women yell Hey in the kitchen. Middle of the day, house was locked and they were upstairs. No dog, nothing. My cousin and sisters bf & gf each saw something different upstairs. The bf saw a white figure on the top of the stairs.”

Watch the footage below and make your own decision about it.

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