Guy Decides To Taunt Bull One Too Many Times, Realizes He’s An Idiot After It’s Too Late

Updated September 20, 2017

To be a proper matador or bullfighter takes years of practice and hard-earned training. Not just any bloke who has a few beers is up for the challenge. But in the video below, you’ll see when an amateur matador decides to take on an angry bull with his red shirt. And as onlookers watch him about to make a mistake, the bull charges at him full speed ahead and gores him with his long horns. The foolish matador doesn’t have the proper equipment. But that doesn’t stop him from risking his life with the mammoth mammal. Instead of taking the bullfighter’s legendary muleta up for the task, he grabs a beat up football top. Shirtless, the man dangles it before the bull and waits for it to charge. But before he can react, the bull has already gored him.

With music blasting in the small Spanish town, the bull charges without any warning. And the would-be matador is taken off guard. If he had had proper training, he would have been ready for anything, but as an amateur likely spurred on with alcohol, he is much too slow to prevent the horns from slashing him.

The animal, who is enraged from the man’s taunting, charges and tosses him into the air like a sandbag. The man flips up and crashed down hard on the pavement.

Those that are near gasp as they watch the man beaten to a pulp from the angry bull. Although the observers are at a safe distance, the man is left motionless on the pavement. The short video cuts out, but in all likelihood the bull is coming back for round two of its trouncing.

From the abrupt ending of the clip, it is hard to tell how badly the bull beat the man to a pulp. But he is certainly not going to taunt a rabid bull any time soon, one would hope.

The clip has been viewed thousands of times. And some comments were shared to Mail Online that we’d like to pass on to you. Here were a few of the most popular:

“When the bull wins the fight is the human butchered?”

“You can’t beat a bit of Bully….well done the beast.”

“This is one time when taking the bull by the horns can be considered sheer stupidity.”

“Sorry, but I ALWAYS cheer for the Bull! Take as many of them down as you can you beautiful beast. I pray that someday humans will learn to respect you instead of exploit you. Bullfighting and any other activity that involves tormenting an animal for entertainment is SICK.”

“I hope it still hurts! Stop tormenting these animals for entertainment!”

“Did anyone else wince and say ‘Ouch!” when they saw that?”

“Scientist and even the medical field have been working for hundreds of years only to find…THERE IS NO CURE FOR STUPID!”

“Why can’t they just leave those poor bulls alone? Serves them right if people get hurt, tormenting and torturing those cows, leave them alone, then they won’t hurt you!”