Guy Doesn’t Realize How Close To Death He Came Until He Watched Video Next Day. Looks Closer : AWM

Guy Doesn’t Realize How Close To Death He Came Until He Watched Video Next Day. Looks Closer

When I was living in Mount Dora, Florida, I saw alligators on a regular basis. If I took a stroll near the lake, I would have to watch out near the tall grass. Alligators often waited there, lurking for prey. According to Fox News, alligator attacks are spiking in Florida. Over the summer, the temperatures rose, and alligators became particularly agitated. But in this video, you’ll see a man swing off a rope and land in the water right next to an alligator.

While swimming in Florida’s Loxahatchee River, this man came much too close to the dangerous reptile that lurked just below the surface. See the huge gator at the 50-second mark.

As the man swings from the rope, his friend films the dive into the river water. And you will see how he lands on top of the dread alligator’s head. He barely escapes with his life and limbs.

The man, Cody, hits the water and has no idea that an alligator is right there. Only when they looked at the video footage later, did Cody’s friend Dave Salem realize that his buddy’s life was almost taken. They were swimming in the dangerous river in May of this year.

“We didn’t notice the gator until later that day looking at the footage, and we couldn’t believe it that he was so close to an alligator,” he said. “Once I sent it to him he was freaking out and saying he’ll probably never swim in there again.”

Because the camera seems to have been attached to Cody’s head, he probably didn’t even see the close call with the alligator. When he hit the water, he likely had his eyes closed and missed his life flash before his eyes.

Although Cody almost lost a hand to the gator, his three friends had no clue their lives were at risk either. They had simply been relaxing on some boats while the deadly alligator lurked underneath.

Florida has a history of alligator attacks. 23 people have lost their lives to alligators in Florida between 1948 and 2016, the Orland Sentinel reported.

Viewers on Daily Mail shared their responses to the close call with the gator. Below are some of the most popular:

“I live right here by the Loxahatchee, and it is crawling with alligators. TONS OF ALLIGATORS. Anyone who knowingly swims in murky water full of hungry alligators who are sluggish and hungry from cooler autumn weather is a complete fool who must have a deep seeded desire to live without a limb or two, maybe without a hand or foot. Or their life. Idiot.”

“Expect to find alligators in nearly every body of water in Florida. I’ve lived here for ten years and even check plastic wading pools my kids have before I let them swim.”

One responder admitted that pools are just as dangerous as natural bodies of water in Florida: “An alligator wandered into a swimming pool here several years ago. Fortunately, it was small, and they were able to trap and remove it. Every year someone’s carelessly attended dog gets eaten. Waters inland are murky, and you can have them pass right under a boat without seeing it. There are dozens of alligators in the bay near me. Fishermen and kayakers see them all the time.”

What do you think about this footage? Have you ever had a close call with an alligator in Florida?