Guy Finally Gets Permission To Fly Drone Over Lake To Explore Massive Hole (video)

Updated July 14, 2017

After almost a half decade of severe drought, California is finally gotten some relief, thanks to heavy snow and rain in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The abundance of water has created a unique spectacle at a dam reservoir in Napa Valley, and thanks to drone technology, one videographer has captured some once in a lifetime shots. You will be amazed when you watch this video clip.

California has been in the clutches of a devastating drought for more than five years now, which has caused problems for the state’s vast agricultural industry as well as hydroelectric energy production. This past winter however, the Sierra Nevada mountains received enough rain and snow that certain parts of the state have been declared drought free. One of the fringe benefits is that the state’s hydroelectric dams are at full capacity, which has provided some rare sights

An enterprising videographer, Evan K, decided to capture some spectacular shots at Napa Valley’s Lake Berryessa reservoir using a drone.

Lake Berryessa is the seventh largest man made lake in California, but thanks to the drought, it had all but dried up. Today it has been filled to capacity, which has led to a remarkable phenomenon. Once the lake reaches full capacity, excess water is drained through what is known as a spillway. At Lake Berryessa, the spillway is referred to as the “Glory Hole”.

For more than five years, there has not been enough water to allow the spillway to function, but now it is running at full steam, giving viewers a spectacular sight. Youtuber Evan K, decided to get an even better angle and flew a drone right up and into the gaping maw.

This three and a half long video has transfixed over four million viewers so far. People have been leaving comments such as:

“Never thought we would ever see this much rain continuously. great to see through lake full. Thank you Mother Nature.”- Lisa Wallis

“Thanks for that! What an incredible view of the Glory Hole–I’ve watched it run many times, always wondered–what’s the inside look like?”- Derrick Wydick

“It’s awesome and beautiful. And it’s kind of ironic. All over California, dams overflowing and breaking down. One thing we didn’t really plan for was a major way for water to go back into the ground. We developed most of our flat land. There’s just not a lot of places for water to go when we finally get it.”- Corina Roberts

“As scary as this seems from above the exit seems like a water slide. I’d love to see footage of a go-pro strapped to a test dummy.”- Reel Negative

“Evan, your videos are amazing – this is the best one yet! Thank you so much for posting these.”- Sabine Nooteboom

“Believe it or not when I was a kid me and my friends would swing off a rope swing near there and swim towards the hole until we could feel its pull then swim away. Very scary. And only dumb kids would do it.”- Dan Hamill

“Excellent video and amazing piloting skills. Might drive out to Napa today to see it in person.”- Pro Steam

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