Guy Finds Himself With Abnormally Large Egg. Hits Record Then Cracks It Open To A Surprise

Updated October 31, 2017

Eggs are delicious and a very versatile food. You can quickly fry them up for a protein-packed breakfast option, or you might consider something a bit fancier, such as eggs benedict or poached eggs. There are sometimes when you cracked and egg and you get a little surprise. However, in most cases, the surprise is usually something like a double yolk. This is pretty cool to see, but there are some other surprises that might happen. For a farmer in Texas, the surprise he got after cracking an egg is definitely far more exciting than seeing two yolks.

He found himself staring at something very rare after cracking a double egg that was laid by his chicken that is seven months old. Eggs with a double shell are considered to be extremely rare, according to Poultry Help. While this is something that happens to some chickens remains unknown, but the experts do know how they form.

When an egg that is about ready to be laid by a chicken essentially reverses, a second shell is covered by a layer of albumen. An egg might reverse due to a process that most people have never heard of. It is called counter-peristalsis contraction.

Double eggs are definitely cool, but when you do a little research on the internet, you will find that some people do not believe that they exist. In fact, as you dig further into the topic, you will discover that some people think that they are a hoax since they are so rare.

The farmer found a really big egg that his chicken laid and his chicken is just the average size for being seven months old. He did a video cracking the egg and put it on YouTube. It did not take long for it to get more than three million views after going viral.

When you watch the video, you will see the farmer pouring out the yolk slowly, leaving only the inner egg remaining. Then he pulls out the second egg and this egg is the size that you are used to seeing when you get eggs from the grocery store. Of course, due to curiosity, the farmer cracks open the second egg to see what type of surprises it might have in store for him.

When he opens the second egg, the big reveal is not nearly as exciting as it was when he cracked the first egg that contained the second egg. It was just a regular egg and looked like a regular egg. However, seeing the whole process of the double egg being opened was quite cool and definitely not something you are going to see on a daily basis. In fact, it is so rare, it is something most people will never see in person.

The farmer definitely gave people an education and proved that double eggs are in fact real. Hopefully, those who think such a thing is a hoax watch his video so that they can learn the truth. While this is just about an egg, it was definitely really cool to see.