Guy Finds Horse In Bad Shape, Saves Its Life. Wait Until You See How The Horse Thanks Him

Updated October 4, 2017

Unfortunately, in some countries, animal abuse is widely accepted. Romania is one of those places where wild horses are considered to be a nuisance and people use unpadded chains to tie them up to fences, which digs into their skin causing them an immense amount of pain.

One such horse had escaped after he was chained to a fence and he was found by the right person…a veterinarian by the name of Ovidiu Rosu. When Rosu found the horse, he instantly noticed that it was moving in a very unnatural way and he knew that he had to jump into action if he wanted to help the horse out.

It’s pretty widely known that horses like their freedom and prefer to spend their time being independent and roaming the fields to graze. They love galloping freely across an open field. When one is bound to a fence like this unlucky horse, it completely goes against the natural state of the animal, making him sad, depressed and obviously injured. In most cases, when a horse is restricted in this way for a long period of time, they usually don’t make it out alive, but this particular horse was found at the right moment.

Rosu immediately went to work freeing the horse from the shackles. His next step was to deal with the pain that the horse was in beneath all the cuts and injuries. He had to use sedatives to put the horse down so he could get to work cutting open the bindings and chains. Luckily the vet found him before he had been tied to the fence too long, otherwise, the injuries would’ve been far worse.

After Rosu patched the horse up, he was quite surprised by the horse’s response to all his help. In the video below, you can see how grateful the horse was. After Rosu finishes up his job mending the horse’s wounds, the horse gets up and gets back into his natural gallop. At one point he gets face to face with Rosu as if to thank him for saving his life.

Sadly, the practice of binding horses like this is common in Romania and the majority of cases don’t get tended to in time. Like all animals, horses are exquisite creatures, especially if they are tended to properly. It’s a shame that the Romanian culture doesn’t recognize this.

Luckily there are people like Rosu out there, who have compassion for animals and come to the rescue when needed.

Commenters shared their anger for the binding practice and their gratefulness toward Rosu’s work…

“I wish the worst upon the person who chained that poor horse’s front legs.”

“Bloody hell sometimes I think we humans are the foulest creature on earth. And then I see these wonderful people and are reminded that angels walk among us.”

“It’s nice to know that good people exist. Unfortunately, most people deserve to be chained up themselves. I care more what happens to these innocent animals and victims.”

“Two thumbs up for this vet!!”