Guy Finds Strange Woman Living In His Attic, That’s When Things Start To Get Even Weirder

Updated August 29, 2017

Usually, when you hear a series of strange noises in your house you come to the conclusion that your home is haunted.

When Davis Wahlman heard odd noises coming from the attic of his Green Lake, Washington home, he assumed that he had animals that had taken up residence in the space or that his mind was playing tricks on him and he was hearing things.

But when the noises returned the second night, he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Determined, he made his way up to the attic and realized that the light was on and he had no recollection of having turned it on. He also noticed that a window screen had been removed from a nearby window and the screen was placed inside the attic tub.

“I didn’t immediately freak out but I thought that this was not ordinary,” said Wahlman, who went back to thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him.

But the situation would just get even more bizarre when the noises returned in the middle of the night.

“I heard rummaging around above me in the attic,” said Wahlman, who jolted out of bed when he heard the noises.

This time when he went up to the attic the door was locked. Knowing the situation could be serious and he could have an intruder, Wahlman made the decision to arm himself with a weapon before he knocked on the door.

Not expecting to hear a voice in response to his knock, Wahlman was shocked when he heard a woman say…

“Jimmy? Is that you, Jimmy?”

He obviously told the mysterious voice on the other side of the door that he was not Jimmy and asked who was in his house.

“I’m like ‘Who the heck are you?’ Why are you in my house,” said Wahlman, who claimed that the woman just kept saying that this was her house. She also told him that she had lived there for three days because Jimmy told her that she could stay there.

Wahlman concluded that the woman must be mentally unstable so he called 911 hoping the police would intervene. By the time the officer arrived on the scene, the mysterious woman had somehow escaped.

While he never did figure out who the strange woman was in his house, he doesn’t believe that she had any bad intentions and she was most likely suffering from a mental illness. He described the woman as wearing warm-up pants, a black track jacket with a white hood. She had shoulder-length hair and carried a backpack.

Wahlman is still stumped by how the mystery woman even got into his house in the first place. He had a fire escape ladder in the attic but she wouldn’t have been able to access it to get into the house.

“To come into a house like this, in this neighborhood, that’s clearly being lived in…that’s bold,” said Wahlman. He’s had all the locks replaced on his doors since the incident occurred and he has his eyes peeled, waiting for the strange woman to return.