Guy Hears What Sounds Like Bullets Hitting Water, So He Hits Record. Realizes He’s Very Wrong

Updated July 14, 2017

One of the best things about technology is how it allows us to see things that we wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to see. Thanks to cameras, we are able to experience many of nature’s miracles. Whether it be a mama bear being followed by her baby cubs or a baby bird peeking her head out of a nest, this type of footage never gets old. Nature videos are one of the many things that everyone can agree on and find enjoyment in while gaining knowledge.

Summerford resident, Lori Ann Goodyear recently captured footage of hundreds of gannets dive-bombing into the Notre Dame Bay in Newfoundland. The frenzy of birds is quite amazing alone, but the speed at which they dive into the water all at once proves to be an athletic event.

While the birds are intentionally diving into the water in search of their meal, it looks as if they are falling from the sky one right after the other. At first, it’s hard to tell that they are birds, as they look like a ton of paper airplanes descending from the clouds.

What is this flock of birds after?

Herring…lots and lots of herring.

Goodyear is no novice when it comes to filming these birds but she said that she’s never seen so many at one time. On average she sees flocks of five at once so this was quite a shock for her. Citizens of the town of Summerford also agreed that this was a rare sight.

Apparently, the gannets had recently moved so close to shore for their food because a large amount of ice had moved down from the north in the Atlantic Ocean, which made it impossible for the birds to feed on the fish below the ice. They were on a mission for a meal.

When Goodyear first saw the splashing in the water she thought it was a whale, but soon learned that there were hundreds of gannets on a very important mission.

“We were very surprised when we saw the gannets in such a huge flock. Usually you’d see one to five flying together, but on this day there were hundreds,” said Goodyear. “My husband at first thought it was whales, the spray coming from their blowhole as they broke the water, but the splashing we saw was actually the gannets diving down into the water.We pulled over in our vehicle, onto the side of the road, and started filming them. You never know what beauty you are going to see from day to day living in rural Newfoundland.”

When the birds rose back up from they water, Goodyear compared the sight to popcorn popping above the water.

It’s no surprise that the video has received 436,000 views, as the sight of the birds is one in a million and viewers appreciate an opportunity to experience nature.

For people who don’t have a chance to witness something like this every day, it is quite breathtaking to see animals in their natural setting, but for others, it’s no different than seeing a dog being walked down the street.