Guy In Hat Gives Up His First Class Seat For Army Officer, Then He’s Handed Note From Stranger

Updated May 10, 2017

Two types of people exist in the world: those who would do anything for another person and those who do only what is good for them. Obviously, those that are selfish and do not give freely hold back the human race. When we work together and share with our neighbors, like good Christians, then the whole world becomes a happier place.

Members of the United States Military get certain privileges when they travel in the air. They get to board first and often get recognition from the captain and appreciation from the other passengers. But when one female officer in the military boarded a plane recently, she did not get the type of recognition one would expect. That’s why one man decided to go above and beyond what others expected of him. Discover this uplifting story below…

The anonymous man shocked not only the female officer, but other passengers as well. The story did not go unrecognized. It was picked up by another passenger and shared on the popular Facebook page called Love What Matters.

Here’s what was written on the popular page, which immortalizes the great things people do for others.

Jessica Titus had been the one to submit this patriotic story. She wrote:

“On my flight Tuesday, I walked down the jetway behind a woman in uniform (Army). A man stood up from his 1st class seat and said, ‘Sorry ma’am, I’m in your seat.’

‘What does your ticket say?’ He asked.

She replied, ‘What? No – I’m 31 B.’

He walked away, leaving her with his first class seat and then took her middle seat in coach.”

Because Jessica had witnessed this amazing moment of gratitude, she decided to do something nice as well. She wrote a note and sent it to the man.

“Please accept a drink or snack on me… If everyone treated people the way you treated the service woman, the world would be a better place.”

Along with Jessica’s note was some cash to fulfill her offer.

Obviously the man was grateful that his act of kindness was recognized. But he decided not to take Jessica up on her offer. He had not expected any financial reward for giving up his seat and he wasn’t prepared to do it now.

Jessica concluded her story with:

“Spoiler alert, he refused my offer. Do good. Recognize good. Make the world better.”

So far the Love What Matters story has been shared about 3,000 times and liked 38,000 times.

Hundreds have shared responses. Here are the most popular:

Samantha Tova wrote, “It’s not politicians or celebrities who are making America great. It’s people like this man. “Ordinary” people doing extraordinary deeds to help their fellow man. Thank you, Sir. And thank you to the servicewoman he helped.”

Gayle Mercer Bullington shared, “My husband, a retired Air Force CMSGT has done this on business trips when someone in uniform gets on the plane and hubby is seated in first class.”

Do you agree that the world needs more people like this generous man?

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