Guy Knows He’s About To Be Famous For What He’s Going To Witness, Quickly Hits Record

Updated September 28, 2017

Lions are the kings and queens of their respective areas and they are known for being dominant predators. However, there are times when other animals can turn around and surprise a lion who sneaks up expecting an easy fight.

Video caught a lioness going up to a hippo that was sleeping. The lioness appears to think this will be easy prey, but she was absolutely wrong. The hippo quickly changed the tides and attacked the lioness, resulting in a vicious battle. When you are watching the video, you will see that the lioness moves with great stealth and it seemed like she would make the hippo her next meal on the Kenyan savannah. However, the hippo woke up once the lioness came up on its rear.

The video was taken in southwestern, Kenya at the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Tourists caught this major battle in nature on their cameras. The lioness only spent a few minutes making her way across the open plains before she spotted the sleeping hippo and decided that it was time to enjoy a meal. Before the feline could react, the hippo sprang into action and the lioness took off running with the hippo at her heels. No one expected the large hippo to be able to move so fast.

Eventually, the hippo catches up with the big cat and you see her head in the mouth of the hippo. What could have been a violent scene ended with the two parting ways after the hippo threw the lion to the ground. Both of the animals ran away from each other in other directions and the lioness will surely no longer underestimate the prey that she is attempting to make her next meal.

A lioness is often seen out hunting on her own to bring food back to her pride. They are often considered to be the bravest of the group because they take on an array of beasts for the benefit of their prides. Unfortunately, even though female lions do most of the hunting, they do not get the most food. There is a complex social order when it comes to lion prides. When a lioness returns with a meal, the male lions will get what they want, then the cubs and then the female lions will get what is left. They often do not get enough food, leaving them hungry.

Hippos are another interesting animal and many people see them as mostly docile and unable to defend themselves. This video clearly shows that hippos can be just as aggressive as any other dessert beast when their life is in danger. They are herbivores and they mostly feast on grass. For the most part, they keep to themselves and just want to spend their time relaxing in the water to keep their temperature down. However, when they feel like they are being threatened, they can quickly become extremely aggressive and they are fast too, easily outrunning humans.

Have you ever seen anything like this?