Guy Knows What Is Happening In Front Of Him Will Go Viral, Grabs Camera Quickly (video)

Updated November 28, 2017

Although these two animal species are not supposed to get along, this video footage proves that preconceived notions are meant to be broken. How many times have you thought something about someone or a group of people and realized how wrong you were? If I’m being honest (and humble), it’s happened to me more times than I can count. It’s easy to make snap judgments and assume the worst about a person based on how they look, the clothes they wear, or how they style their hair, but we are often wrong. Generalizing is easy, but it often doesn’t include the individual.

Clip play on the video below to watch a beautiful display of affection and love for all season. You’ll see the moment an adorable fawn cuddles up with a dog and then starts licking the canine-like he’s a dog as well.

According to the video provider, the fawn was orphaned. And it thinks it is now a dog. That’s why it is hanging out with the pup and licking the dog like it is a dog. How cool is that!

This unlikely pair comes from nowhere else but Utopia, Texas. Rio the fawn and Dixie, the dog, have developed an unbreakable friendship during their weeks together. And Kate Dupnik was able to take out her camera in time to record the two mammals cuddling up in a pure display of affection.

As you watch, you’ll smile as you watch Rio the fawn lick Dixie’s neck just like she’s a dog. This unlikely pair proves that anyone can get along in America so long as they can focus on how they are alike rather than on how they are different. If Rio considered herself to be a deer, she’d probably have to listen to her instinct that urges her to fear Dixie’s kind. But because she has learned to love and trust, she can step beyond what nature suggests and make her own choices in friendship.

After the fawn gave the pup a good lick, Dixie returns the favor and licks the adorable deer on the ear.

The moment happened as Kate Dupnik was feeding Rio the deer. Dixie wanted to be part of the action, so she came up and snuggled against the deer to get some affection.

While the two are clearly best buddies, they also wear matching red collars.

Viewers like you have shared their responses to the clip on MailOnline in the comment section. The following were some of the most popular thoughts shared at the time of this writing:

“That’s adorable.”

“Utopia, how apt.”

“It is all fun and games until others dogs tell that dog ‘You know your friend there? They’re actually quite tasty.’”

“Somebody needs to introduce that dog to a female dog.”

Some people thought that the clip was not a normal display of animal behavior. They suggest that the artificial environment in Utopia, Texas is to blame. Others responded with:

“Nope it’s not normal, but then again everything doesn’t need to be ‘normal.’ A little bit of strange is okay as long as no one/no thing is hurt.”