Guy Lets A Bug Bite Fester Too Long, Has No Choice But To Pop It. It’s Worse Than You Can Fathom

Updated September 5, 2017

Just so you know, I’m deathly afraid of spiders. I know it detracts from my masculinity but I can’t help it. Last week as I was opening the door to leave the office, I saw a spider in the corner. My heart jumped up to my throat and I froze. Thankfully, someone else was nearby to urge me forward. I covered my head with the notebook I was carrying and ran through the door out into the parking lot. I was safe. And it was embarrassing. The man in this video is not nearly as afraid of spiders – or pain apparently. When he got bitten by a spider on his trip to Indiana, he tried to ignore it. But he couldn’t. This spider had some venom in its bite. And the spot where he got bit began to swell and grow until a huge blister had formed. Four days later he decided he wanted the mark gone – so he took a sewing pin and poked the bulbous growth. In the video below, you can see what happened next.

Because he had ignored the spider bite for four days, it had gotten disgusting. The area was clearly infected and had swollen to a translucent red. This man probably needed to take a trip to the urgent care but instead he decided to administer some self-induced healing by the point of the pin.

He knew it was going to be gross. And as an avid fan of Dr. Pimple Popper, he knew that people would want to watch him popping the spider bite. So he popped some over-the-counter pain medications and then set up his camera. When he was ready he hit record and then he got ready to let the pus ooze out.

Are you ready to watch this guy pop his infected wound? Then press play and watch the spider bite ooze out all its icky goo for you right on your screen. This type of clip is certainly not for everyone. But it does provide great entertainment and shock value.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the following description: “bit by a spider in western pa (Indiana) without knowing it. and 3-4 days later this was the result. im sorry to say however i did not record the next days 2nd drainage i performed which had hardened pus cores and much more pus and blood… very painful considering i didnt even know i had got bitten…”

Because this video was recorded and uploaded in 2011, the person in it has moved on and is healthy now. Although it was shocking at the time, and still is, he is not in any risk from this infected spider bite.

Although this made a great viral video, he took a risk not getting the spider bite looked at by a professional. Someone with medical knowledge probably could have prescribed some antibiotics and performed the pus extraction with minimal pain to the sufferer.

What do you make of this video clip?

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