Guy On A Paddleboard Realizes He’s About To Experience Something Few Ever Have, Hits Record

Updated August 24, 2017

Do you wake up in the morning and feel grateful for another day of life? Or do you awake flooded with anxiety and a litany of things to do? While neither way is right or wrong, feeling grateful for what we have certainly makes life more joyous. And part of a joyous life includes traveling to new places and taking a risk by going on an adventure. These new experiences open our minds to great new possibilities and perspectives. And they show us how wonderful the world around us can be. That’s how Jennifer Bull and her friends were rewarded when they took a risk and booked a paddle board adventure. It was otherwise a normal day, but they were about to find magic under the water.

While paddle boarding through Deception Pass in Washington state, Jennifer and her friends were overjoyed by the natural scenery around them. And because this was a fleeting moment, Jennifer wanted to imprint the entire adventure in her memory forever. Her camera was ready to capture anything that might interest her and her friends. She didn’t want to let this adventure go by without getting it on camera somehow.

But Jennifer could never have guessed what was just beneath the water. Just inches below them, Jennifer suddenly felt a startling presence. It made her heart race faster and the hairs on the back of her neck stand up straight. She hadn’t felt pure, joyous anticipation like this since she was a little girl. Something special was about to happen.

With her camera rolling, Jennifer suddenly filmed not one, not two, but an entire pod of Orcas breaching the surface. The killer whales might be deadly for some animals, but they just wanted to be friends with Jennifer and the other paddle boarders that day.

Jennifer watched, awestruck, as the majestic undersea mammals passed by their party. As if to say hello, the whales each breached very close to the paddle boarders. Jennifer couldn’t believe what she was catching on camera. It was a moment that she was glad she had not missed.

The pod continued to break through the water’s surface in a special greeting. But before long, the moment had ended. Like all good things in life, an end is inevitable no matter how hard we’d like to grip onto a special moment.

Orcas are not always so friendly when out in the wild. Moments like this are rare and beautiful to witness. Good thing Jennifer caught it on camera because not everyone would have believed her otherwise.

While Jennifer and the other paddle boarders got so close to the whales, they struggled to express the beauty of the moment in words. Thankfully the video gets all that we need to know – and it truly is a special moment that we’re lucky to witness, even if it is just through the camera lens.

Watch the orca sighting below. How would you have reacted if killer whales surfaced near you?

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