Guy On Escalator Couldn’t Keep Hands To Himself, Lady He Touches Teaches Him Painful Lesson

Updated September 12, 2017

Apparently, this guy never learned to keep his hands to himself.

During a ride on an escalator at a subway station in China, a man reaches out and gives the woman ahead of him a grab.

Um. No. Just no.

Clearly unhappy with the incident (and who can blame her?), the woman turns around and slaps the man.

Watch the video to see the man with the green suitcase grab the woman’s butt and then look around. She quickly turns around and fires back with a smack before grabbing his arm and dragging him up the escalator.

He fights back and even kicks at her. He later told reporters: “I was ready to exit the subway and the woman appeared in front of me. I just touched her once on the bum. Then she said this is an obscenity and dragged me to the police.”

“Just touched her once on the bum”…seriously?

The woman spoke with reporters as well, explaining: “I was on the escalator and he was stood behind me. He grabbed my buttocks so I hit him.”

The video also shows the man being removed in handcuffs by the police.

People sounded off on the incident in the comments section of the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story, writing: “She handled that well,” “I like how she takes control of the situation and drags him to the police,” and “Strangly enough this is how I taught my own girls to react, you go get ’em, girl.”

Another commenter who asked: “To all the people stating complimentary things about her choice to slap the man and even some stating she should`ve full blown punched him: Would you be stating the same if the genders were reversed? The next time my behind gets pinched or slapped or my crotch felt without my permission your logic would be to slap her or even punch her?,” was met with this response: “Yup. If you put your hands on other people you should be prepared to get the beat down of a lifetime.”

When one commenter posted their opinion: “THEY BOTH ASSAULTED EACH OTHER!,” another explained: “She did not initiate contact. Women have a right to protect themselves from predatory men and this man will think twice about doing this to someone else. She did the right thing.”

Others thought she could have punished him a little more harshly, with one person writing: “A full blown punch to the face would have been more effective. It would make sure he never touched another woman again.” Still another replied: “Few women are trained enough to firmly deliver and follow through with a solid punch to the face, so no. That’s a great way to get your arm grabbed and restrained.”

Another person observed: “Thing is, it looks minor because of the environment of safety that exists – if you let it pass, pretty soon you’ll have jackasses trying much worse.” A fellow commenter agreed, writing: “Exactly. Good on her dealing with it!”

One commenter summed it up, writing: “Good!!! Keep your damn hands to yourself!! She should have kicked him hard!!!!”