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Guy Placed Video Camera On Dog, Claims He Finally Has Proof Of Elusive Creature On Film

Do you ever wonder what your dog does when you’re not around? It’s tempting to think about what his life might be like when you’re not there to issue commands or distract him with tasty sausage treats. What does he do when he’s not palling around with you? Well, one man decided to find out. He strapped a camera on his dog’s back and hit record.

What he saw when he watched the footage later that day will shock you. Once you watch this video, you will have to show it to all your friends.

When one man decided to see the world through his dog’s eyes by putting a camera on his back and letting him run wild, he was astounded at what he saw on the video that was taken. The dog trotted off into the forest for a quiet walk on his own. But what his master later found was that this dog wasn’t alone in the woods.

If you watch this video, you will see that as the dog strolls through the woods, a dark and hairy upright figure can be seen in the distance. The maker of the video slows down the film and zooms in for a closer look. It sure looks like it could be what we have all come to know as Bigfoot.

Some people believe in Bigfoot and others do not. Supposed sightings of this mysterious creature have been reported as far back as the 1800s, with a significant number of reported sightings coming from the Pacific Northwest United States. An extremely high percentage of reported Bigfoot sightings have been debunked as hoaxes, misidentified animals and simple mistakes. However, there are still plenty of people who believe that Bigfoot is real, and is out there somewhere.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995 as the only scientific research organization dedicated to exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery, “the term ‘sasquatch’ is an anglicized derivative of the word ‘Sésquac,’ meaning ‘wild man’.’

The original word, in the Stó:lõ dialect of the Halkomelem language, is used by the Coast Salish Indians of the Fraser Valley and parts of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Indian tribes across North America have a total of more than sixty different terms for the sasquatch.

“‘Bigfoot’ was a journalistic term generated in the middle of the last century during a rash of sightings in Northern California. The word has come to be recognized widely. Many different terms have been used by pioneers and later non-native inhabitants of North America, including ‘skookums’ and ‘mountain devils.’ The description given here is derived from a compilation of thousands of eye witness reports from the entire continent, some of astounding length, detail, and corroborative evidence; the Patterson movie, taken in 1967, and a recent computer-based image analysis of it; and statistical analysis of a large database accumulated over the last fifty years, primarily by John Green.”