Guy Sees Odd Rabbit In Yard, Grabs Camera As Quick As He Can. Photos He Takes Go Viral : AWM

Guy Sees Odd Rabbit In Yard, Grabs Camera As Quick As He Can. Photos He Takes Go Viral

As humans, we’re not always accepting of change. It seems like we try to do everything in our power to forecast the future so we can prepare for it. Whether it is the weather or corporate earnings, we like to know what is coming. But nowhere did Mother Nature sign a contract saying that She had to abide by our strict rules and regulations. And more often than not, She throws us for a loop that we never expected. Perhaps we find some freakish creatures in the deep sea or a moose that appears to have skis on its feet.

But recently, one man saw a rabbit in his backyard and the sight of the deformed animal made him rethink what rabbits look like. Check out these shocking images below and learn more about rabbit tumors.

In general, rabbits are considered some of the cutest animals on the planet. With their big ears and chubby cheeks and soft fur, rabbits and bunnies usually make people smile. But when one Imgur user saw a rabbit with horn-like tumors growing out of its face, they couldn’t help but do a double take. The poor creature was deformed by a disease that is far more common than you might suspect. And it doesn’t just happen to wild rabbits, but those that are kept as pets as well.

The condition in the photographs is called cottontail rabbit papillomavirus or CRPV for short. This virus is spread by biting insects. That means mosquitoes and ticks, those that suck warm blood from living hosts, spread the virus across the animal population. Not only does CRPV make the rabbit look strange, the tumors are malignant. That means CRPV can kill rabbits both in the wild and those kept as pets at home.

The only way to fix the viral disease is to remove the horn-like tumors through surgery.

And if these are not removed, the animal will struggle to eat food and will eventually starve to death. The tumors simply block the rabbit from reaching down to the ground and getting its teeth on the grasses and leaves it usually eats.

There is really only one way to protect rabbits from contracting CRPV. You must limit their exposure to fleas and ticks and mosquitoes. That means you should make sure they are up on their tick repellent.

Mosquitoes are harder to stop. But if you have a yard where you let your pet rabbit run free, clear it of any standing water. You can also cover the rabbit’s cage with a mosquito net to protect it while you cannot be with it. She images the Imgur user shared are saddening. The poor rabbit in the photos is wild and won’t have anyone to take it to the vet to get the proper surgery. Because of that CRPV will result in this rabbit’s death.

CRPV is preventable only by limiting your rabbit and bunny’s exposure to blood-sucking insects. Do you best and you shouldn’t have to see the horn-like tumors growing on your pet’s face.