Guy Sets Up Camera To Film Fountain, Hits Goldmine When 20 Hummingbirds Put On A Show

Updated September 13, 2017

It’s not surprising that hummingbirds are one of the most well-loved birds. Their dainty bodies alone make people left to wonder how they are able to hold themselves up and fly with such grace. They are truly one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. And when it comes to the bird species, they are the only ones who can actually fly backward and hover for longer than usual periods of time. It’s rare that we get a chance to see them, as they move so fast, with their wings moving at an unbelievable rate of 10-15 times per second.

One way that will up your chances of catching a glimpse of a hummingbird is by having a hummingbird feeder at your house. They love to stop by for a quick drink of sugar water and every now and then they will stick around and hover by the feeder, showing off their grace and athleticism. They don’t typically stay that long though as they are always eager to find their next treat.

But, what do hummingbirds do when they aren’t eating?

Like other birds, these little guys love to take baths and they thrive in the water when they are surrounded by their fellow feathery friends.

Typically hummingbirds are known for their solo acts and tend to travel by themselves, but much to our surprise, a recent video captured thirty hummingbirds bathing together in a fashion that is hard not to stare at.

You can witness a real life hummingbird pool party in the video below and you will surely be mesmerized. The sound of the water alone is calming, but seeing the birds as they hover and dip themselves in the water is truly amazing. Some of them look intimidated at first and they just hover nearby, while others hop right in.

As to be expected, commenters were fascinated…

“I could have watched this for at least another hour.”

Several commenters shared their own hummingbird stories…

“One day in Costa Rica a hummingbird got into my house and couldn’t escape. He wore himself out to the point of exhaustion trying to get out of a closed window. I gently picked him up in a towel and released him. The next day while I was ironing a shirt he came to the laundry room window and just hovered there for a while, just watching me. was he trying to say Thank you????? Go figure.”

“That was delightful. True about the way they get on generally, so it was amazing to see them congregate at the water source. I planted loads of Monarda just for these little beauties and they can NOT STAND it if another one flies into the drift. There is plenty to share but they are so territorial over a food source they peep at each other aggressively and there is always a chase-away. So much energy lost in this behavior when there’s so much to be had for all of them from the flowers if they could just get on with sharing.”