Guy Shatters Previous World Record And It’s Even Weirder Than It Looks [video]

Updated June 16, 2017

When he told the judges that he would be able to smash through 90 concrete slabs in twenty five seconds, they were doubtful. But then he told them he would do it with his head. They knew this was impossible. The world record was much slower than that and he was only a teenager. But this Tae Kwon Do champion proved that he had a hard head. You’ve got to watch this young bloke shatter the world record when he bashes through 90 concrete slabs in just 25 seconds. It is an amazing accomplishment you can see on the video below!

Watch as Kerim Ahmedspahic, a young Tae Kwon Do expert from Bosnia, smashes through the concrete slabs with his forehead. In the clip, he demonstrates his martial arts skills as he tries to break the world record as an attempt in Austria.

The young champion does a somersault and then smashes his head into the pile of concrete slabs, shattering them all down the middle.

When he finished, the cameraman claims he set the new Guinness World Record.

At the beginning, the young man prepares for the feat as a group of supports watch him from his spot in the gravel courtyard.

At the 22-second mark, the taekwondo champ jumps to action. He jumps and twists through the air and then blasts his skull through the concrete slabs. He then lands on his feet and repeats the move on a second pile of concrete slabs.

When he has finally finished, Ahmedspahic is overjoyed. He hi-fives a man who is probably is coach.

When the clip was shared online, it quickly went viral. Viewers from around the world, and not just Bosnia, were beyond impressed with what this young martial artist can do with his head. And he didn’t even get hurt.

Viewers shared their comments about the martial arts moves. Here are a few added to the discussion section on Daily Mail:

“Is that for real! and who the hell wants to do that!”

“I wonder if he had any “afterthoughts” about the event?”

“Would have been a bit slower if they weren’t specially made to break on minimum contact.”

Some viewers thought it was all a big hoax. Here are a few comments concerning the display.

Looks like a hoax to me. He doesn’t put any force behind those headbutts. It looks like they just crack under his weight.”

“My four year old daughter could probably break these “concrete” blocks two at a time!” wrote a non-believer.

One doubtful viewer wrote, “Looks like polystyrene “concrete”!”

“At least a fast way of contracting ‘dementia pugilistica’ without getting beaten up.”

“Bet the big bad wolf would love the last house to built of such soft bricks…”

“I’ll never understand why people do stupid crap like this that has nothing to do with Tae Kwon Do or any martial art for that matter.”

What do you think about this clip? Is this young man a real martial artist or is he a con artist?

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