Guy Spots Dog With Odd New Smile, Quickly Realizes What Had Happened [photos]

Updated April 21, 2017

Dogs don’t have a lot of ways to express their feelings besides a happy tail or a tucked tail, but this pooch showed off quite a smile one day.

Her owner was a bit confused by the face (can dogs actually smile?), but the reason for the grin wasn’t quite what he expected. The hilarious reason for the weird smirk had her owner pretty entertained.

Thanks to social media, Pandora and her owner, Lucas Alves Magalhães, who live in Brazil, were able to share the funny story with the world.

One day, Pandora greeted her owner with a bizarre smile, which managed to be a set of dentures she grabbed and popped into her mouth!

Her owner told The Dodo: “I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in. When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.”

He explained: “An elderly couple owned this house before me, and I think maybe it was theirs.” The dog had discovered the interesting find during one of her many backyard digging adventures.

He added: “They may have changed their dentures and buried this one in the backyard. There’s no other explanation, because I know it’s not ours.”

But how did Pandora get them so perfectly aligned in her mouth? We may never know.

One dentist weighed in on the story, commenting: “dogs love teeth! I am a dentist who specialized in dentures and implants. Every week we have at least 3 people come in whose dogs have crunched up their dentures. Love this photo series.”

Another person could relate from their own experience, noting: “My dog just chewed up my dad’s false teeth!!!! This is too funny.”

Other comments included overall amusement with this dog’s hilarious smile, with notes such as: “What a goofball,” “Very funny,” “Thanks. That was so funny!!! Pandora is a beautiful dog,” and “Thank you Pandora – that made me laugh so hard I cried.”

Another person made this interesting observation: “They love the flavor of saliva. As gross as that sounds it is what it is. And just an FYI this post is hilarious.”

Yet another person weighed in with a similar experience, commenting: “This made me laugh so hard I snorted! My dog got hold of my night guard. There is something about those smelly mouth items they love. No matter how much you clean them, they still hold some stink, I guess.”

One commenter on coverage of this story at thought maybe these were a different type of fake teeth, which would explain how the dog was able to get the placement right. They wrote: “Well, those aren’t ‘dentures’ but rubber, novelty teeth made by the BillyBob company… They are super-soft and squishy all round… You can roll the entire ‘plate’ up and put in your wallet… TBH, it would make an awesome dog-toy and is a photo-opp waiting to happen which is the most likely story here.”

That sounds like a pretty logical conclusion for how Pandora was able to make the teeth fit all by herself.