Guy Spots Semi-Truck In Big Trouble, Speeds To Catch Up; Films Precision Driving : AWM

Guy Spots Semi-Truck In Big Trouble, Speeds To Catch Up; Films Precision Driving

For anyone who has driven through the up and down mountains of America, you’ve undoubtedly seen the emergency truck lanes. These outcrops are designed for trucks and vehicles that are going down a mountain and have a brake failure. Because it happens, the people who planned the roads knew that they needed a backup plan to help keep people safe. And as you’ll see in the video below, this emergency stopping lane saved the life of this truck driver and perhaps a bunch of other people who could have been on the other end of that crash.

Check out the clip now and you’ll see just how this life-saving stop works.

In the clip filmed along West Virginia’s Interstate 64, you’ll see the moment a semi-tractor trailer’s brakes fail and the massive vehicle goes careening out of control. Thankfully the driving professional keeps cool under pressure and uses the emergency runaway lane to slow the truck’s descent.

The video has gone viral ever since it was uploaded because the harrowing scene that unfolds. Check it out below and share with a friend.

“Respect for the truckers out there. Thank you ladies & gentleman  who deliver all the products we all use everyday!”

A retired truck driver who watched the clip wrote: “At the end of the day it does not matter what lead up to the situation, it matters that he took an opportunity to save himself and his truck. If I was in a heavy truck going down that hill, I would be in a low enough gear so that engine braking would hold the speed down with no braking or only an occasional application. That would have put my speed somewhere between about 25 to 31 mph. And my brakes would be cool at the bottom of the hill, so if I needed to stop quickly, I would still have full braking performance.”

“This should have never happened. US interstates have plenty of warning on steep downgrades. This driver does not have enough exp to be out alone or just careless. No excuse road conditions were dry.”

Another viewer wrote, “Just wanted to say that the driver absolutely did the right thing by taking the escape ramp. Sure, he shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place, but at least he didn’t try to ride it out just to avoid paying for a tow-truck. I don’t know of any state, by the way, that imposes a fine for using an escape ramp.”

A local from West Virginia confirms that that stretch of highway is deadly.

“I’m pretty sure that’s mean old Sandstone Mountain! on I-64 running East from Beckley West Virginia to Lewisburg West Virginia. It opened in 1987 and since that that short time 56 drivers have lost their lives on that mountain. It is beautiful I’ve been down it many times. But when you come out of the brake check area and still grabbing your gears it is level then by time you get in High Gear you drop over like a roller coaster and it’s too late it sucks you in. The 7° grade is not correct, the Engineers just stated that just so it could pass.”