Guy Steals Bike Thinking He Got Away With The Crime, Moments Later Karma Pays A Painful Visit

Updated October 19, 2017

While 47-year-old James Mansfield was putting an expensive and high-quality bicycle into his vehicle, a bike thief came by and snatched it up. Because the bike thief stole the ride right out from under him, Mansfield was outraged. He didn’t have time to call the police and get the cops to stop him. Instead Mansfield knew that he had to take action if he was ever going to see the expensive bicycle again. That’s when the 47-year-old entrepreneur jumped into his vehicle and sped after the bike thief. Eventually, he got close enough to the criminal and then slammed his vehicle into the thief. But Mansfield didn’t only hit the thief, he also struck an innocent bystander in his reckless maneuver. That’s why the police have charged him with reckless endangerment. And despite all this effort and the danger he put fellow citizens in, Mansfield let the bike thief get away.

The act of violence was caught on surveillance footage. You can see the British-born entrepreneur, Mansfield, speeding his van through Manhattan streets before slamming the vehicle into the thief and an innocent bystander. Mansfield owns an interior design firm and had his bike stolen right out from under his nose on W 50th Street and 8th Avenue at 5:30pm on Saturday.

The man snatched the valuable bike and then started cycling away from the scene of the crime. Mansfield knew he didn’t have time to call the police if he ever hoped to see his bicycle again. So he jumped into his van and rushed after the bandit.

Mansfield drove like a madman down Ninth Avenue, which is a one way street.

When Mansfield slammed his bike into the thief, he was proud. But he also hit an innocent pedestrian who had nothing to do with the crime.

Surveillance footage shows Mansfield exiting his vehicle and running up to the thief and grabbing him – while ignoring the innocent person writhing in agony not far away.

Police are outraged that Mansfield used his van to chase down the bike thief in Midtown Manhattan – while going against the busy traffic.

After Mansfield had used his car as a blunt-force object to strike the two people, he exited the van to grab the thief. Then he began assaulting him with multiple punches.

“When he got out of the van, he hit him. Two times. He hit him two times,” Nelson Almonte told ABC News.

Emergency responders rushed the 31-year-old pedestrian, who was hurt in the action, to a nearby hospital. The person was treated for wounds to his head, but is in stable condition.

Since the attack on the street, police arrested Mansfield for reckless endangerment. And while the cops were accosting Mansfield, the bike thief disappeared into the busy Manhattan streets.

Mansfield mangled his own high-end bicycle in the crash.

In the video included below, you can see Mansfield driving like a madman and striking the bike thief with his van. In the action, you’ll also see him hurt the innocent bystander who was simply going about his business.

Do you think Mansfield deserves to be charged for his actions? And what about the bike thief? Should police have let him go?